Recruitment Offices

Owner: Government owned & operated.
Reputation: With the military's popularity in Wa-Daisho, and the high opinion civilians have regarding those in the military, the recruitment office is seen as a good place to start one's life.
Description of Establishment: An 80'x80' two story section of Level 2, left in the color of the concrete it is built of. The sign out front has red trim on the top and bottom, with large, bold black letters on a white background reading - "Red Devil Recruitment Office". Inside of the main floor is a fairly large lobby, with comfortable furniture, information pamphlets, and machines for coffee, tea, and juice. The rest of the establishment is divided into conference rooms, logistics, and offices for the recruiters and their' supporting staff.
Description of Services: Basically speaking, this establishment recruits individuals from all walks of life into the military of Wa-Daisho, and weeds out those who are ill suited to military service.

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