Ray's Pizza Parlor & Pool Hall

Owner: Raylon Ensay, a slovenly individual born and raised in Tritonia, owns this establishment. This overweight, balding, middle aged guy with well below average physical beauty moved to Wa-Daisho after his identical pizza parlor on Tritonia was closed down due to health regulation violations! Although he claims that he was set up, it seems that this establishment is doomed to follow the same pattern as the original. Raylon's lifestyle is one of sloth like tendencies. He works as little as possible, and spends even less to keep things up to par. When he can be encountered in the pizza parlor, he can be found wearing worn and stained tee-shirts and denim jeans, usually with his belly hanging out of the bottom of the tee-shirt, and his hair pulled back into a greasy tail. He is not a terribly friendly fellow - but isn't overtly rude or obnoxious either. If anyone insults him or the condition he keeps himself or the shop in, he will demand that the customer/loiterer leave - if they fail to do so, he will call the guard. It's as simple as that.
Reputation: The pizza of this place isn't all that bad, but it isn't the best in Wa-Daisho. Some individuals have reported getting sick after eating his pizza, but nothing has been proven to be his fault. Still it is a decent enough pool hall, and is a nice place to hang out with friends from the plant after work hours.
Description of Establishment: A 120'x80' two story section of level 4, that appears to be made entirely out of unpainted concrete. The front of the establishment is entirely made of smoky colored glass, with a plain white sign with black bold letters reading the name of the establishment on it. Inside is a large common room with rows upon rows of pool tables, and with booths lining the walls. The condition of the common room is almost always the same. There are at least 2D6 tables with garbage and/or empty glasses on them and the occasional small debris litters the floor here and there. The entire back of the establishment is a gigantic kitchen, while the upstairs is the owners cluttered and debris littered studio apartment. The one upside to this establishment is the excellent sound system attached to an old fashioned looking jukebox Ray brought with him from Tritonia.
Description of Services: This place is a pizza parlor and pool hall, where people can go, order up pizza, drink beer, and play pool late into the night while listening to the juke box. The pizza is not of excellent quality, as they tend to skimp on toppings, and the beer is never of the absolute best or strongest varieties. They seldom have enough staff to man the entire establishment either, which means that a great deal of the time customers have to bus their own tables. Still prices are not high and they are open all the way to midnight.

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