NOMAD Battle Specialist

by Edward May, based upon the designs and concepts of Dan Beaton

      The NOMAD soldier is a professional specialist in his or her field, as trained by the military of Desert Star. Their training embodies the principle behind the acronym N.O.M.A.D. - which is Night Or Mid-day, Assault or Defense. They prize themselves as being ever ready to perform their duties in all forms of weather, at all times of the day, in assault on a foreign nation, or in defense of the Kingdom. This approach is necessary for such a small Kingdom, as Desert Star is, to make up for the lack of numbers larger Kingdoms may benefit from.

      The NOMAD program began shortly after the liberation of Desert Star from the clutches of the Coalition States, in an effort to defend the city against all further such invasions. Many of the principles and programs were drawn straight from the very archives S-Mart sprang from in Project Archive, but with unique twists to meet the demands and times the Kingdom is faced with. Typical training for a NOMAD soldier begins with six month training period comparable to Pre-Cataclysm "Boot Camp", in which a soldier is hewn and polished from the grit of a soft civilian. After the base training is completed, each soldier is evaluated and then sent on to advanced training in the field they are most readily suited to serve in. This additional training can last from three to twelve additional months! Note however that these figures are based upon a soldier who has NO problems in training and is not required to retake any of the necessary training to come up to par.

      Training for the NOMAD Soldier is long and riggorous, a lesson in hardship, sleep deprivation and pain. There are no drop outs, there are no failures, and there are seldom any fatalities. Once the contract is signed the training will take as long as necessary to bring each soldier up to par - once completed, then the required term of service (2-6 years depending on specializations) begins to count down. Some have said that this program is ludicrous and that it traps would-be soldiers who are not cut out for service into a vicious cycle that forces them to become a soldier. Others use that same argument in reverse - as it WILL turn them into a soldier, even if it drags them kicking and screaming into it. Trying to accomplish some sort of mischief to escape though will wind the cadet up in the stockade, (Or even executed - depending on how serious the mischief!), and instructors only get more strict on these cases. As a result of these measures the NOMAD Soldiers of Desert Star are some of the best trained in North America.

      The NOMADs are one of the best equipped military forces in North America, pound for pound they are vastly superior to even the mighty Coalition States. Their weapons are powerful, their armor tough, their armored vehicles are unrivaled, and their airpower is supurb. The NOMADs do not focus exclusively upon technology, however, their own NOMAD Magic Corps often works in conjunction with the regular forces to accomplish significant tasks. This having been said, the NOMADs are weak in magical weapons, with only small numbers available at any given time for special operations units.

Alignment Requirements: None.
Attribute Requirements: An IQ of 11 or higher is required. A high PS, PP, and PE would be helpful but are not required.
Attribute Bonuses: +3 to PS, +3 to PE, +3 to Spd, and a bonus of +10 SDC/MDC.
Combat Bonuses: +1 to initiative and +2 to save vs. Horror Factor.

O.C.C. Skills:

    Radio Basic (+5%)
    Language: American 98%
    Literacy: American (+20%)
    Language: Japanese (+10%)
    Literacy: Japanese (+10%)
    First Aid (+5%)
    Demon & Monster Lore (+5%)
    Pilot one of choice, except power armor, tanks, APCs, Spacecraft, or Jet Aircraft/Fighters (+5%)
    Climbing (+10%)
    Swimming (+5%)
    Basic Math (+5%)
    Navigation (+10%)
    W.P. Energy Rifle
    W.P. Energy Pistol
    Hand to Hand: Expert or Martial Arts

O.C.C. Related Skills: Select two special training suites as the related skills, plus an additional skill at levels 4, 7, 10 and 13.

    Paramedic (+5%)
    Field Surgery (+20%)
    Sewing (+5%)
    W.P. Knife
    Select two additional skills. (+10%)

    EOD Specialist:
    Demolitions (+10%)
    Demolitions Disposals (+10%)
    Underwater Demolitions (+10%)
    Trap Construction (+5%)
    Basic Electronics (+5%)
    Basic Mechanics (+5%)
    NBC Warfare (+5%)
    One W.P. of choice

    Nautical Specialist:
    See Underseas pg. 111-112.

    Heavy Weapons:
    W.P. Heavy
    W.P. Heavy Energy
    Body Building
    Wrestling or Boxing
    One W.P. of choice

    Power Armor Operative:
    Pilot Robots & Power Armor (+20%)
    Robot Combat Elite: One of choice
    W.P. Heavy Energy
    Weapon Systems (+10%)
    Read Sensory Equipment (+10%)

    Communications Specialist:
    Radio Scramblers (+10%)
    Cryptography (+5%)
    Laser Communications (+5%)
    Electronic Counter Measures (+10%)
    Computer Operations (+5%)
    Basic Electronics (+10%)

    Special Forces:
    Pilot Robots & Power Armor (+10%)
    Robot Combat Elite of Choice
    Upgrade Hand to Hand to Commando
    Prowl (+10%)
    Intelligence (+8%)
    Wilderness Survival (+5%)
    General Athletics
    W.P. Heavy Energy
    Weapon Systems (+5%)
    Read Sensory Equipment (+5%)

    Basic Weapon Proficiency Specialist:
    Four W.P.s of choice
    Weapon Systems (+30%)     Read Sensory Equipment (+5%)

    Basic Pilot Specialist:
    Four Pilot Skills of Choice (+15%)
    Read Sensory Equipment (+10%)
    Weapon Systems (+10%)
    W.P. Heavy
    W.P. Heavy Energy

    Physical Program Specialist:
    Athletics General
    Body Building
    Gymnastics, Acrobatics or Boxing

    Intelligence Specialist:
    Magic Lore (+5%)
    Intelligence (+20%)
    Psychic Lore (+5%)
    Western American D-Bee Lore OR Indian Lore (+5%)
    Detect Ambush (+10%)
    Detect Concealment (+5%)

    NOMAD Scout:
    Tracking (+10%)
    Prowl (+5%)
    Intelligence (+5%)
    Wilderness Survival (+20%)
    Prowl (+10%)
    ID Plants & Fruits (+5%)
    Pilot Jet Packs, Motorcycle or Auto - select one. (+10%)

    Military Engineer:
    Armorer (+10%)
    Electrical Engineer (+5%)
    Mechanical Engineer (+5%)
    Choice of Robot, Weapon or Aircraft Mechanics (+5%)
    Computer Operations (+10%)
    Computer Programming (+10%)

Secondary Skills: The character also may select six secondary skills from the following list, plus an additional two skills at levels 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15.

    Communications: Any (+5%)
    Domestic: Any
    Electrical: Basic only - Military Engineer Spec, Any; (+10%).
    Espionage: Any
    Mechanical: Basic only - Military Engineer Spec, Any; (+10%).
    Medical: First Aid or Paramedic only.
    Military: Any (+5%)
    Physical: Any (+5% where applicable)
    Pilot Related: Any
    Rogue: Any
    Science: Math only.
    Technical: Any (+5%)
    WP: Any
    Wilderness: Any

Cybernetics/Bionics: The soldier may opt to go for augmentation, if he or she so desires, with up to 3 implants at level one, and the option of replacing one limb with a built in weapon system.

Standard Equipment: Three signal flares, 1D6 grenades, 1D4 DMML (Disposable Mini-Missile Launchers), utility belt, gas mask, air filter, hand held radio - 10 mile range, canteen, backpack, 4 weeks rations, multi-optics band, tent, sleeping bag, water purification unit, geiger counter, laser distancer, pocket homing beacon - 25 mile range, wooden mallet, 2D4 wooden stakes, silver plated survival knife, long arm of choice (According to specialization training - most will receive an LPL-7A.), an HLP-4A, Vibro-Knife, two additional weapons of choice, 1D6+1 clips for each, and a suit of NOMAD Environmental Body Armor. Additional weapons, armor and equipment may be available upon assignment. Vehicle is typically limited to a Hummer, Jeep, Clydesdale, Dustfish or Jet Pack for standard operations, but an alternate vehicle may be issued upon assignment.

Specialist Equipment: Specialty equipment is also issued to specialists in the NOMADs, such as a portable tool kit for military engineers, medical kits with RMK and similar for the coremen, power armor for operatives and RFFCs for heavy weapons specialists - as per GM approval.

Money: Starts with a month's worth of pay, as a private, which is 2,000 credits. (See the Ranks & Pay Scales of the N.O.M.A.D. Soldiers.)

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