Motor Pros

Owner: A quartet of operators originally from Old Bones, Free Quebec own this establishment. Shortly after the betrayal of the Allied Naval Fleet occurred, these four individuals promptly left Free Quebec and headed to the lands of their "saviors", the Alliance. A proud gesture - were it to be authentic. In reality these four Operators from Free Quebec are little more than spies for the government of the now free, former province of the Coalition States. Despite the ominous image the term "Spy" usually evokes, these four individuals are relatively harmless in their role here. They are mere observers for the moment, and despite their dislike for otherworldly beings, they have found themselves developing a genuine respect for the Republic of Wa-Daisho and it's people. These four operators live out of apartments built on the second story of Motor Pros.
Reputation: A very good reputation for their ability to track down parts for vehicles and machinery of all sorts - oftentimes even rare parts. Usually if Raymon's doesn't have it then Motor Pros will have it. If Motor Pros doesn't have it they can oftentimes fashion the parts themselves, given time, and the proper finances.
Description of Establishment: A 120'x120' two story tall section of Level 2, with a face painted blue with a white stripe running along the base and top of the face. There are windows running the entire length of the front of the building, with a pair of double doors serving as an entrance in the middle. Inside the main floor is a typical Auto Parts shop, with a front room with aisles of simple accessories like car fresheners, windshield wiper blades, spark plugs, fan belts, etc. For more obscure parts like fuel pumps for specific models of vehicles, multi-fuel conversion kits, power converter replacements, and similar - those are found in a large warehouse like back room, behind the main counter, and a dividing wall. The second floor is composed of a workshop, storage, as well as four modest apartments for the four Operators that run this establishment.
Description of Services: This establishment sells parts for an assortment of vehicles and machines. They do not typically deal in any form of war machine parts, but will buy and sell parts for vehicles associated with the military that are not really combat vehicles. Examples along those lines are parts for heavy duty Deuce & Half vehicles, Hummers, etc. Prices are medium, with a considerable rate of profit on each part sold - but if it cannot be found at Raymon's, it probably will not be found anywhere else in Wa-Daisho. Parts that have been fashioned by Motor Pros are usually by order only, and cost 40-80% more than the retail price of that part will usually cost. Aircraft and small watercraft parts can occasionally be found here as well, but most often these parts have to be fashioned by custom order - and will cost 80% more than retail price.

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