The Megaplex Auto Rental & Sales

Owner: The owner of this establishment is Juan Menendez. Juan was originally a native of El Paso, but he was forced to jump town when some remarks he'd made about King Halloway got back to him. He tried to settle in Desert Star, but before he could even get himself established he spotted some of King Halloway's men asking around town about him. After that he liquidated all of his assets, hopped on the first plane to Wa-Daisho, and set himself up there - underground. Literally! Juan is a friendly guy who talks fast, but tends to be pretty leery about anybody he runs across with a southern accent, or who speaks to him in Spanish. What Juan isn't aware of is that his supposed friend who ratted him out, got a little carried away with what he said to King Halloway, implying that Juan was saying a lot more about him than just a passing remark - even suggesting a revolution! As such there is a 22,000 credit bounty on Juan's head. Fortunately - Wa-Daisho's laws do not permit bounty hunters to collect in Wa-Daisho without the expressed permission of authorities. Permission will NEVER be permitted however, as El Paso is an ally of the Coalition States.
Reputation: A typical car dealer, who will try to talk you into buying just about anything. Unlike pre-cataclysm car dealers though, he knows better than to lie about the origins of vehicles. He tried to sell a slightly used car to a psychic sensitive about three years ago, and phrased it as a "new" car. When asked if he knew that lying about a product for sale is a crime, he retracted his comment with, "I'm not lying about it, it is NEW, although it has been driven a handful of times." He went on to explain that he had sold it to a guy about a month before, and after driving it for only two weeks he decided to trade it in for a different model. His retraction was brilliant - because the individual in question identified himself as a government employed psychic sensitive here investigating a report that was made about some of the statements being made during sales pitches. He got off that day with a warning - but as a result, Juan is very cautious about what he says during his sales pitches. Thus his wares may be relied upon to be everything the poster says.
Description of Establishment: A 200'x120' two story section of level 4. It's entire west wall is completely composed of glass, and has two main entrances found at the ends of this glass wall, with a clear glass garage type door next to each one. Inside are rows upon rows of cars, vans, pickups, and similar civilian vehicles. Wares from S-Mart, Republican Industries, Imperial Motors, and Smithe Corp. may be found here. The offices are at the back of the establishment. There is no second floor, the ceiling being a vaulted one to permit RVs, semi-tractors, and cargo trucks to be placed inside.
Description of Services: Sells new and used electric powered vehicles to the people of Wa-Daisho. New cars are typically sold at retail price, naturally, plus tax. S-Mart and Imperial Motors vehicles tend to be a bit more expensive due to import taxation. Used cars and those sold that used to be rental cars are typically 70% of retail price. He can be talked down to about 60%, sometimes less for really old or especially battered models. The Megaplex also rents cars out at a cost of 25-40 credits a day, vans at a cost of 50-80 credits a day, plus 1 credit for every 10 miles traveled.

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