Lindy's Brothel

Owner: An old time lady of the night from the Colorado Barony of Charity, named Lindy Summerz runs this brothel. Having moved to Wa-Daisho after coming into some money, Lindy now owns the sort of establishment she once worked in. Now that she owns her own brothel, she is semi retired. Lindy, in her mid 40s, is now content to sit back and let the younger women do most of the work. Still she is fairly attractive, and if a customer requests her "Expert" talents, she will come out of retirement for a job or two. She is unmarried, and thinks marriage is a joke. She often jokes that during her working years she served more married men than she did single men!
Reputation: A popular place to visit among men looking for a good time, and the occasional woman looking for some action as well. Lindy is meticulous in keeping her girls and guys clean, licensed, and well kept. This reflects well on the reputation of this establishment among those that use these services. There has been some controversy regarding this establishment however, especially among the politically correct types that have moved to Wa-Daisho from Lazlo who do not feel that a brothel is a decent thing to have on the next level down from a residential district. Those who immigrated from Tritonia agree with this sentiment. Fortunately for Lindy more have emigrated to Wa-Daisho from "barbaric" nations around the world than from dull places like Tritonia and Lazlo.
Description of Establishment: A 160'x80' two story section of Level 4, with a very small pink painted face, and a pink colored armored security door. Written in six inch black letters on the door is the name "Lindy's". Entry into this establishment will bring the individual into a security room, where four armed guards check ID cards for age, race, etc. and search for weapons. Dangerous or underage sorts are sent packing. If allowed to continue through the next door, it leads to a plush bar setting. Within are large padded couches with scantily clad ladies seated among them, heavily padded large booths with beads across the entrances at the edges of the bar, and of course a bar centered at the back of the room. If the services of a lady are wanted, tokens must be purchased at the bar, to be presented to a lady of the person's choosing. Once this is done, the lady of the night will lead the character up to one of a variety of apartments - depending on the renting party's desire. These rooms typically have a theme scenario in mind, or are just spartan rooms where the services may be conducted. ALL of them have a couple of things in common, hidden security cameras, and a bathroom with a large bathtub - easily large enough for four people.
Description of Services: As a house of ill repute, horizontal refreshment generally is the trade conducted here. In the alternative a person may simply enter Lindy's for a drink in a setting where they can set their eyes on some prime eye candy. Detail in regards to how and what services are conducted will deliberately be left non-descript for the sake of young gamers.

Author's Note: If the presence of a brothel makes Wa-Daisho simply too graphic for younger gamers feel free to omit the presence of this business, or simply do not mention it in descriptions. Having such a small face and without a sign on the front that can easily be observed from afar will make it easy to overlook.

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