Kenshi's Hotel

Owner: Previously owned by Tamasi Adu, the hotel was handed over to his family when he was killed in the line of duty, protecting a caravan somewhere in old Northern California when it fell under attack from bandits. Although Adu had grand ideas to improve this hotel, due to the business troubles, and lack of motivation the family has done little to change it from it's 2nd rate flop house status.
Reputation: A good, cheap place to catch a night's rest - and be guaranteed that it is on clean sheets, and in a clean room. (Unlike the Merchantman Inn!)
Description of Establishment: A 120'x120' two story section of Level 2, with a business face that is painted a Royal Blue, and has a pair of swords fashioned into the concrete at the sides of the entrance. The entrance here is unique in that it has a door at the base of a much larger door. The larger door is approximately 15' tall, and the other at the base of it is normal sized. Above this, painted right on the wall is the logo in a "chow mein" script telling the name of the establishment. Immediately inside the door(s) is a small office with two other doors leading out of the room - one of which is similar in planform to the main entrance. Also inside the room is a long desk, behind which is always an elderly Japanese man or woman. They greet any newcomer warmly, but quietly. Through the door immediately behind the "Innkeeper" is the flophouse level, a huge room full of row upon row of cots, with two attached locker rooms/bathrooms - one for men, the other for women. Following the other doorway out of the office leads one to a room that contains a stairway leading up and to another of the giant sized doors. The stairs going up, lead to a series of hallways with rows of single bed rooms. These rooms are very plain, only providing a small bathroom with a shower, a twin bed, and a modest dresser. It does not include things like a telephone, television, or anything like that - just a private place to sleep. The giant sized door found in the stair room leads to a giant sized hallway, that leads to four GIANT sized rooms, nearly identical in every way to the smaller rooms - only scaled up significantly. A giant up to 25' in height would be able to enter, and sleep in the rooms provided, but 15'-20' would be more "in scale".
Description of Services: This place provides people with a place to sleep essentially. If they're not bashful about sleeping among a lot of other people then the flophouse level is ideal, costing only 15 credits for one of the 66 cots and a locker in the locker room, a night. If you are looking for a place to sleep, with some privacy - each of the 36 private rooms are only 30 credits a night, and have a private bathroom as well. This is also the ONLY hotel in town that has rooms available for Giants, each of these 4 rooms costs 85 credits a night.

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