Hydroponics Garden

Owner: Government owned and operated.
Reputation: The Hydroponics Garden is a good source for fresh vegetables in the underground city, and is frequented by many residents of both the underground and above ground city.
Description of Establishment: This is a 160'x120' two story section of level 2. It's entire front face is composed of glass, with a simple white sign that reads "Hydroponics Garden, Level 2". On the bottom level, the front 30' is a large produce section that displays fresh, dried, and canned vegetables that have been grown in this facility. Beyond this shop, and on the entire second floor is a gargantuan hydroponics garden that grows a vast variety of vegetables, herbs, and medicinal plants.
Description of Services: This facility grows a variety of produce for sale to the residents of the city. However, it is intended that during times of siege, the hydroponics garden here is to grow vegetables for those in the underground city - both as residents and as refugees. Prices during peacetime are cheap, with only a very narrow profit margin.

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