Hachiman - God of War; Part 2

By Edward May.

Doves are his symbols and messengers.
Names: Hachiman & Ojin Tenno.
Alignment: Aberrant.
M.D.C.: 55,000 - was once nearly twice that, 11,000 on Earth.
S.D.C./Hit Points: 3,850 S.D.C. and 1,650 Hit Points.
Height & Weight: Usually prefers the form of a well muscled Japanese man of 5'9".
Age: About 2,000 years.
Attributes: IQ: 18, ME: 20, MA: 21, PS: 54, PP: 26, PE: 48, PB: 16, Spd: 36.
Disposition: Hachiman is very cunning when it comes to making plans, always looking for the higher ground - the advantage in a situation. When in battle, he's like another person entirely - loud and very aggressive using those plans and plots to his advantage. He will not charge into a battle foolishly with a sword drawn if the enemy is poised to simply mow him down with a spell or a bazooka, but will instead figure a way to counter it and then exploit it aggressively. When not planning or plotting, and not in battle Hachiman knows how to enjoy himself. He enjoys drinking Sake and beer when relaxing and delights in the company of fellow warriors and fine women. Among his favourite hang outs are a handful of taverns in Kyatashiro, a bar in downtown New Camelot, and the Stone Tavern in Wa-Daisho. He also enjoys entertaining in his Imperial Palace, and the occasional visit to the diefic realm of Kiraboshi. Note that his symbols are the dove and a medallion or insignia of a curved silver sword.
Horror Factor: None normally, but when it is discovered who it is facing them - 16!
Experience Level: 23rd Level Samurai, 10th Level Ley Line Walker.
Natural Abilities: Nightvision 500', See the Invisible, Bio-Regenerate 1D4x100 M.D.C. per minute, Dimensional Teleport 88%, plus the standard abilities of Gods listed in the Dragons & Gods book, and the following special ability;

    Kamikaze: This ability allows Hachiman to create a massive storm swell or wind storm to take place in the seas off of an island he is on. The requirement for the Kamikaze is that at least 20,000 worshippers must be praying to him at that moment for it to work correctly. This storm swell covers a 230 mile area, and begins with only light winds - starting as a 10 mph breeze, and increasing by 10 mph every minute. The duration of this Kamikaze is 23 minutes!! Meaning that at the height of the storm the winds are moving at 240 mph! These winds are EASILY enough to capsize even the largest of vessels. Note that even submarines are not meant to be upside down - and it is liable to cause things to break free and cause a very difficult time for the ships crew inside. Chances of capsizing for all vessels caught in the area are;

Small 50'-100'; 100 mph has a 25% chance, 150 has a 50% chance, and 200 has a 98% chance.
Medium 101'-400'; 150 mph has a 25% chance, 200 has a 50% chance, and 240 has an 88% chance.
Large 401'+; 200 mph has a 25% chance, and 240 has a 48% chance.

Roll EVERY minute the vessel is caught in the Kamikaze.

    Summon & Control Doves: Hachiman's messengers and symbol is primarily the dove. Hachiman can summon and control up to 33 doves for an equal number of days.

Skills of Note: Has all the skills of a Samurai at 23rd Level proficiency, plus WP Daisho and Samurai Archery are at 45th level. He is literate in Japanese, American, Chinese, and Korean. What languages he cannot speak, he compensates with the spell of Tongues, what languages he cannot read he uses the spell of Eyes of Thoth.
Combat Skills: Hachiman Kensaiken-Ryu at a 33rd level proficiency.
*Number of Attacks: 12 (15) attacks per melee, or 2 by magic.
*Bonuses: +5 to initiative (+44), +9 to strike (+15), +10 to parry (+16), +9 to dodge (+15), +7 to roll, +4 to pull, +13 vs Horror Factor (+31; Impervious), +10 vs Magic, +8 vs Poison, and +3 vs Psionics.
Magical Knowledge: Knows all spells Levels 1-9, equal to a 10th Level Ley Line Walker. P.P.E.: 1,500.
Psionic Knowledge: Knows ALL Healing & Physical Powers. I.S.P.: 275.
Allies: His closest allies on Earth are Kiraboshi, the outcast Shinto Goddess of the Balance, and Nyan Tamya whom he sees as a favorite son more so than just a worshipper.
Enemies: He is on uneasy terms with the Native American Great Spirits - and is bound to be at odds with them sooner or later. He is very opposed to the Aztec Gods whom he sees as the greatest threat to his domination of North America. He plans to be at war with them ... VERY soon.
Minions: On Earth he has a few thousand over a half a million worshippers, counting the nearly quarter million he brought over from his own diefic realm. In his own realm he has upward and around of two million followers.
Weapons & Equipment: Hachiman wears a suit of Samurai armor forged by the greatest of the Shinto smiths, with 2,200 M.D.C.. It weighs little more than a pound, and makes absolutely no sound and it regenerates 4D6x10 M.D.C. every minute when damaged. His favourite weapons are the Daisho of the Kamikaze, the Katana inflicts 2D4x10 M.D. while the Wakizashi inflicts 1D6x10 M.D.. Each weapon can be used to fire a wind like force blast that inflicts 1D4x10 M.D. as well!

* The attacks and bonuses listed in parentheses are those so modified using RRVGG House Rules regarding high level modifications and skill advancement, as well as the Rifter indicated Initiative bonus of +1 per every three levels of experience. Although these bonuses seem to far outweigh those of other Gods - under our advancement rules the other Gods are equally powerful.

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