Adding Armored Protection

      While S-Mart's power armor is tough and ruggedly built, a common request presented by mercenaries is upgrading the armored protection. A lot of the time the margin between if a suit is reusable or not is only a few M.D.C., and in a battle even a few M.D.C. can save a merc's life! S-Mart, as any corporation, caters to it's customers and so they naturally make additional armored protection available - at a cost.

Head M.D.C. Arms M.D.C. Legs M.D.C. Main Body M.D.C. Maximum M.D.C. Weight *Prowl Penalty Speed Modifier Dodge Modifier Cost
1.25 1.25 2.5 5 50/50/100/200 2.2 Lb. -1% -5%/20 M.D.C. over 30 -1 Dodge/25 M.D.C. over 75 4,100

* As a general rule, most power armor types cannot prowl, but some - the lightest types - can prowl with some difficulty. The lighter Layout such as the Class A and the Class B Layout each suffer a -10% and -25% penalty, respectively. In a combat setting, in which the noise of battle would drown out even the sounds of a suit of power armor stomping around, a suit employing either of those light frames has no inherited negatives to prowl - save for the negatives provided by any added armor.

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