The Political Structure of Desert Star

      Desert Star is an unusual nation, politically. It is govorned equally by the King Ace Ripley and it's Queen, Mahelian Shaquela. These two are the ultimate power in Desert Star, and have the definite authority in all decisions of state. Directly below them are the City Council, ten elected officials to represent the peoples of Desert Star in all matters concerning the public. These ten elected officials also serve the role of judge and jury in trials of criminals in Desert Star. Though they do hold some measure of power, the King or Queen may at any time over throw anything they have decided, or may at any time oust a member of the council for suspicion of corruption, or any doubt of the persons integrity, as after all, this is their realm. Lawyers are present in Desert Star, but present no real power, leaving them to be nothing more than consultants on the suspects course of action. The police of Desert Star are actually part of the NOMAD army, assigned to policing the city and Kingdom as a whole.

      The people generally take all of these unusual govornmental trates in stride, as they are relatively free to do as they wish in Desert Star. They have come to love their King and Queen, and many would die before surrendering them to any enemy. For many people this govornment is a hero's govornment in that it is the only thing on this Earth that has made them feel even remotely safe.

Current Nobility:

Current City Council Members:

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