Introduction to Desert Star

      Desert Star was founded early in 104PA by an eccentric individule named Ace Ripley. At the time that Ace came into the scene only twelve buildings were existant, and the population was about fifty two, in the small desert village. Ace brought with him three things; Relative peace, the people here were used to demons, monsters, and bandits coming to their village and taking whatever they pleased, the money to grow, Ace was rich beond belief and offered it to these people whenever there was a need for it, and new hope, people in this village had begun to believe there was no hope for them, that one day they would die at the hands of some invading monster. Flyers went up in Kingsdale, Lazlo, New Lazlo, Tolkeen, Northern Gun, and all over the CS underground that a new city where all were accepted was becoming established. Droves of people avoiding discrimination and outright persecution of the Coalition flocked to this desert city yet without a name. Ace's next step was to protect the growing city. He did this in two ways. The first way that he protected the city was to hire three hundred mercenaries, all of which he had worked with before, knowing that all of them were trustworthy. The second way was by hiring all of the top freelance metalurgy experts in North America. He shocked each and every one of them when he presented the plans to use a high density chrome metal seen previously only in the USA G10 GlitterBoy to create a massive city wall! Amazingly enough the reason why Ace had chosen the sight of Salt Lake City was because there was a huge twelve story underground complex that contained archives of information recorded and stored less than a year before the catacalysm. These contained data of some of the most advanced equipment ever devised on earth and much of the production secrets. The wall itself took five years and over 30 Billion credits to build including labor and materials, but the effects were astounding. The glittering chrome walls illuminate the sky with a shimmering white glow in the dark of the night. For miles around this can be seen and often guides weary travelers in their search for refuge.

      After the city's founding in 104PA several years passed by with the economic boom causing the city's size to multiply several times over. In May of 110PA a CS Special Forces unit made a suprise attack on the city from within, temporarily seizing control, durring a period of time that Ace Ripley was away. When Ace learned of this horror, he contacted Nyan, a long time friend of Ace's, who at the time led a freedom fighter army called The Tenzan Elite. Nyan and Ace devised a plan to attack the CS forces occupying the city using a secret network of tunnels made under the city durring the time that the city walls were being constructed. The Tenzan Elite and two brigades of troops from Kyatashiro were involved in the plan, and succeeded magnificintly. Desert Star was liberated. Although much of the city was damaged and about three hundred residents were dead or injured. Most of the mercenaries employed were also slain. It was this occurance that caused Ace to build the buisness S-Mart, to mechanize and train the military to utilize some of the high tech equipment used in the 21st century.

      On a related note, the CS covered up the defeat of their covert occupational forces, by stating that the mercenary military force employed by Desert Star attacked and slaughtered the inhabitants of an entire training base in Missouri, while suffering massive casualties of their own. In their outrage against Desert Star they have since issued a bounty for any Desert Star affiliated Military personnel. Captured: 500 credits, Killed: 150 credits.

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