Dry Storage & Water Stores

Owner: Government owned & maintained.
Reputation: Since Wa-Daisho has not yet fallen under any form of siege that would require the people to retreat underground, no real reputation has been developed by this facility. However when interviewed, it does provide the people with some measure of comfort to know that even if they are cut off from the outside world somehow - they will not starve to death due to such farsighted projects as this.
Description of Establishment: A large concrete, white painted section of level 3 North, without any form of sign outside signifying the purpose of the facility. There is only one main entrance, guarded by a 75 M.D.C. security door. A pair of exterior cameras, monitored at the 7th Wa-Daisho City Police Precinct, observes this door. Inside is a gargantuan water storage tank, as well as hundreds of gigantic ceramic and plastic canisters containing dry goods necessary for basic living accommodations.
Description of Services: Provides emergency dry rations and water enough for 25,000 people to survive for up to six months.

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