Dragon's Hoard Tavern & Inn

Owner: A portly middle aged woman named Lynette Cole put this business together with what she had left from her move to Wa-Daisho from Silvereno. She's a single woman - having been an entrepreneur to the mining crowd of Silvereno. She decided to leave when both of her brothers disappeared under mysterious circumstances, on two consecutive nights. Since then, nearly every night she has horrible nightmares about bats, wolves, and men with long teeth. (A latent psychic - only she doesn't know it.) Despite this sobering history, she is a fairly jovial woman - who tends to separate her personal problems from the merriment of the bar scene.
Reputation: It has generally a good reputation among it's patrons and the residents of the underground city. It is not too vulgar or loud. It's popular among adventurers, travelers, and residents alike.
Description of Establishment: A 120'x160' two story section of level 2. It's exterior is painted a taupe color, with a three foot wide red stripe about mid way between the two levels. There is only one main entrance about 40' from the NW corner of the section. This entrance is composed of two security doors, with small windows directly above the knobs. On the bottom level, there is one large window to the left of the main entrance, and windows spaced every 30' to the right of it. Inside of the main entrance is the tavern portion of the business, composing the north west 40'x100' section. It is decorated with wooden stained walls, with photos & paintings of dragons, a number of replica weapons that have dragons as their decorative motif, plus a pair of suits of armor with a similar motif. The bar is situated to the far north wall of the establishment, with the bar itself being a work of art. It is composed of beautiful stained and varnished oak, with an inlaid silver dragon with wings outspread that goes from one end of the bar to the other, it's torso and an open mouth in the very middle. This bar begins at the NW corner of the tavern, and goes for 30' to the East before ending. The far eastern 20' of the section, is sectioned off as Rest Rooms. The rest of the tavern is completed with round wooden tables, of similar composition and décor to the bar. A trio of dart boards, and a quartet of pool tables finish it out. Immediately south of the bar, is the small kitchen to the Dragon's Hoard. Various snack foods are also stored here, until it is ordered, or needed in the tavern. Beyond the tavern, is an assortment of rooms for rent. None of the rooms are terribly fancy, just a basic room for rent.
Description of Services: The tavern portion of this establishment serves as a watering hole for thirsty city residents and visitors alike. It's not a very rough place, but fights are not unheard of here either. Drinks are moderately priced. Although food is served here, it is not per order. A common meal is cooked every day in the morning and for a serving of the meal, usually some form of soup or stew, it is 3-5 credits. Snack foods such as kelp chips, laver chips, boiled soybeans and similar are provided by the house - free of charge, with the purchase of drinks. Rooms are clean, but with very little in the way of frills. They cost around 35 credits a night for a basic room with a private bath. Larger rooms with 2-6 beds run an additional 20 credits per bed. (i.e. 55 for 2 beds, 75 for 3, etc.) Note that Lynette has made it abundantly clear, that ANY dragon that brings a photograph of his or her hoard for display on the walls, will receive a bar tab of 200 credits, and a weeks free stay in one of the rooms. Thus far, no dragon has accepted for the threat of teleportation.

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