Alliance Bank & Post Office

Owner: Government owned and operated. The President of the Underground Alliance Bank, is Devon Zurgress a level 5 Vagabond with a head for numbers, and a degree in Business Operations. He has been in that position for two yeas now. He is subordinate to Aaron Swenson of the main Alliance Bank in Wa-Daisho.
Reputation: It is thought of as little more than a branch bank, to the one above ground, to make banking easier for the residents of the underground city.
Description of Establishment: An 80'x80' two story section of Level 2, with a face that is made up to look like a red brick structure. The main floor consists of reception areas, meeting rooms, and service counters. The second floor is composed entirely of offices of administrative workers. On the main floor there are six security workers, including a cyborg, two mages, and a master psychic. The windows, doors, and structure are entirely M.D.C. Any damage incurred to any of it will sound an alarm not only with security but with the 6th Wa-Daisho City Police Precinct. Meanwhile security cameras watch every corner of the bank. Seismic, pressure, laser, thermal, and movement sensors protect the vault on the main floor, towards the back of the bank.
Description of Services: Exactly like those of the above ground branch of the Alliance Bank, (#32 in the above ground city.) save for the addition of having a post office desk, and a bank of post office boxes right in the entrance.

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