Singapore Ind. Special Explosives Types

By Tony May

Mega-Damage Thermite

      These are special demolition devices in 2 Lbs Globular configurations. It uses a mixture of domestic & alien chemicals to create an awesome and powerful heat source. Special adhesive pads allow it to be attached to almost any structure & a timer allows for a 5 second to 2 minute delay. When placed on a metal, it will virtually melt it's way through it, with most ceramics it will either turn the substance into a brittle glass or will cause it to break down into sand like powder. SDC structures will immediately turn to gas. Heat approaches that of solar temperatures.

    Damage: 6D6x10+20 M.D. per melee - Duration: 1 Minute!!

Mega-Damage Prima Cord

      A special demolition cord used either to detonate other explosives or as an explosive device in it's own right. Comes in a ropy plastic type of cord. While damage it inflicts is not high, it can be looped numerous times around specific objects & damage can be magnified by the number of loops. Comes in 50 ft. sections & sections can be spliced together. Can be ignited by special lighter or by special electrical detonators.

    Damage: 1D6 MD along entire strand length. 2 Loops - 2D6 M.D., 3 Loops - 3D6 M.D., 4 Loops - 4D6 M.D., etc.

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