Singapore Ind. Missile Defense Systems

By Tony May

Plasma Fire Fly Missile Defense System

      A short range plasma generator that can be built into the rear of an aircraft, that when deployed, emits clouds of flaming bits of plasma, that can divert enemy heat-seeking missiles, or if a closely pursuing enemy aircraft flies into the cloud, the flaming pieces could be sucked into the plane's air intakes & can cause damage to the engine interior. It inflicts 3D6 M.D., or 6D6 M.D. if sucked into the intakes, at a maximum range of 600'. Each deployment counts as an attack.

Shotgun Delivery Missile Defense System

      A short range anti-missile system that can be built into the rear surfaces of any aircraft. It consists of a number of tubes being emplaced in the desired rear areas. Into each tube a threaded canister is screwed until the front of the cannister touches an electrode. Each threaded cannister is in effect a large scale shotgun shell that can fire a small cloud of 50 buckshot sized M.D. metal balls that can damage or destroy on-coming missiles. It inflicts 3 M.D. per each ball that hits, at a maximum range of 200'. (Roll 1D20 to see how many balls strike the target.) Up to three cannisters can be blown at a time.

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