Singapore Ind. Force Field Technology

By Tony May - with additional text by Edward May

      Singapore is one of the few areas on Earth where the technological capability exists to produce force fields. Coupled with knowledge gained from Phase World (plus a few reverse-engineered Naruni personal force fields), Force fields are now being produced there, both the personal type & the larger vehicle-mounted types. As a rule, Singapore-produced models are lighter, but protect only slightly less than the Naruni originals. (For game terms, for any of the Naruni force field types, reduce the weight of the unit by 20%, but only decrease the Mega-Damage protection by about 5%-10%, at the game masters discretion.)

      The acquisistion of force field technology has given rise to much original weapons development & research constantly goes on, as more and newer types evolve. Some of the systems, other than wearable personal force fields, that have emerged from the labs are the Variable Phase Force Fields for the protection of vehicles & installations, & a whole new vista of Anti-Force Field weapon systems.

      Among the first things developed was a miniature unit able to broadcast a directed burst of energy that could neutralize (given the proper frequency) a force field's protective waves, the unit has been miniaturized & can be mounted in missiles. The problem was to determine what the force field frequency was. Their scientists came up with a solution, a tiny missile (about the size of a Naruni Micro-Missile), that instead of a warhead, carries a sensor & transmits the data in a nano-second long burst of telemetry to a remote computer source, & then the computer takes the information & programs the frequency into regular armed missiles (takes 3 melee actions) & the missiles are fired, striking not the force field, but the vehicle itself!

      To counter act the anti-force field missiles, the variable phase force field was created where the force field frequency is changed automatically in a cyclic rate a certain number of times every melee. The original type changed twice/melee, but newer & more advanced (& costlier) types permit it to change 4, 6, 8, 10, or 20 times/melee. (GM's discretion again.) Again however, technicians are working on a missile type that has a protrusion from the nose that will strike the force field and break apart, but not before programming the frequency into the missile, and then allowing the missile to pass through to strike the underlying vehicle. This system is still in the early stages of development, and only has a 40%-50% success rate, but will eventually be 100%, leading for more development to be made.

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