S-Mart Shiva Limousine

      The Shiva is the dream car of every man, woman, and child living in the Alliance. To ride in one of these prestigious looking vehicles denotes wealth, fame, and success. All three are difficult commodities to come by on RIFTS Earth, unfortunately, but for those who have acquired the near impossible of all three - the Shiva is produced to cater. The Shiva is 35' of sleek, aerodynamic art, with an appearance that looks like a Dodge Viper from the 1990s stretched out into a limousine. It comes completely decked out with 4 gull wing doors, a spoiler in the rear, and all the luxuries within one could imagine a billionare to have at his or her disposal. The Shiva was produced in an extended production run, running from mid 114PA to 115PA. No others have been produced since.

Model Type: Shiva-A.
Class: Armored VIP Shuttle.
Crew: 1; Can carry up to 13 passengers.
M.D.C. by Location:
    Wheels (4) - 25 each.
    Gull Wing Doors (4) - 50 each.
    Headlights (4) - 5 each.
    Windshield - 25
    Door Windows & Rear Window (5) - 15 each.
    *Main Body - 200.

* Depleting the main body M.D.C. will completely destroy the vehicle.

Maximum Speed: 180 mph.
Maximum Range: 596 miles.

Statistical Data:
Height: 5'.
Width: 10'.
Length: 35'.
Weight: 4 tons.
Cargo: Can effectively carry up two tons of cargo or passengers.
Power System: Electric only.
Market Cost: 500,000 credits fully equipped with everything except a driver, and liquor for the wet bar.

1. Systems of Note:
    1. Roll Cage: This vehicle is equipped with a roll cage so that if in the event, a roll over would occur, if everyone was secure, there would be a good chance of everyone walking away alive.
    2. Active Suspension: This system is a computerized set of shocks designed to give the passengers a very even ride. Even the most rugged of city roads will fail to so much as put a ripple on the surface of a glass of wine carried by one of the passengers.
    3. Environmental Control: This is not only a luxury but a protection feature as well. It regulates the temperature within the vehicle according to the wishes of the passengers. This controls humidity, temperature, and how much air is blown around. If the sensors within this device detect a dangerous foreign agent in the air outside of the vehicle, the computer control of this system will seal all breaches, and supply the passengers and driver with air from it's self contained oxygen unit with up to 10 hours of air.
    4. Stereo System: This makes the stereo you paid a grand for, in your' old beater look sick. This surround sound stereo is capable of synthesizing the actual way it would sound if music were played in a stadium, or just blasting out the tunes at high decibels. Either way, this AM/FM stereo, with 60 disk changer disk player, is a very popular feature of the Shiva.
    5. 30" TV/Vid Disk Player: Just as it sounds, a Television that can either pick up on local television channels, or play vid disks.
    6. Cell Phone System: In addition to any cell phones carried by business executive types, the Shiva comes automatically with it's own cell phone system, that can be patched into any cell networks in the vicinity.
    7. Wet Bar: A Wet Bar is carried in the vehicle as well, that would normally be stocked with an assortment of the celebrity/executive's favorite drinks. There is also a 20 gallon water tap, a small refrigeration/freezer unit, plus a small microwave.
    8. Plush Accomodations: The seats are extremely comfortable, being of soft, and yet supportive padded material. Each seat has controls to heat or cool the seat, or to activate sonic massage units. One of the larger couches towards the rear of the car can be electronically unfurled forming into a king sized bed.
    9. Sunroof: This is pretty self explanitory, however it does have a couple of features of it's own. It has three different modes, closed, safe lighting, or open. Closed the panel appears to be the same color as the exterior of the car allowing the passengers privacy. Safe lighting, causes the sunroof to shift slightly, as tiny shutter like plates contained between the two panels of the sunroof open like blinds, allowing light to come in through the glass which by itself protects the passengers from ultra-violet light. Of course open would simply be the panel sliding into a bay in the roof opening the sunroof.
    10. (Optional) Short Range Radio: A whip antennae and short range radio with a range of 20 miles may be added for only 300 credits.

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