S-Mart Quetzalcoatle "Quincy" Van

      The Quetzalcoatle, or Quincy as it is called for short, is S-Mart's sole van design currently produced. It is an attractive vehicle to the family oriented customers, as well as to intercity courier services. Desert Star's very own mail service uses the Quincy as mail trucks. Wa-Daisho and Desert Star make use of this vehicle as taxi cabs, capable of catering to the needs of both normal humans and larger D-Bee types as well. Some enterprising buyers have even put them to use as street vendor cars, or "Roach Coaches", by having one of the side walls removed, and having a false wall put in, that is capable of raising or lowering as needed. All in all it's a very solid design, that will see very much use in the future. It's distinctive, yet attractive and sleek profile makes it popular just as well as it's usefulness however. It's windshield slopes gradually from the grill all the way to midway down the length of the vehicle, the aft end angles back from the top down towards the bumper, and it's front wheel is half recessed under an ornamental covering. The Quincy first entered production in 115PA, and new models have come out, every other year since.

Model Type:Quetalcoatle-A.
Class: Civilian Light Transportation Van.
Crew: 1; Can carry up to 8 passengers.
S.D.C./M.D.C. by Location:
    Wheels (4) - 5 each.
    Windows (2) - 20 S.D.C. each.
    Main Large Windshield - 50 S.D.C..
    *Main Body - 50.

* Depleting the main body M.D.C. will completely destroy the vehicle.

Maximum Speed: 105 mph, with slight variations from year to year.
Maximum Range: 400 miles, with slight variations from year to year. A full 80% of these vehicles are electric.

Statistical Data:
Height: 6'.
Width: 8'.
Length: 15'.
Weight: 1.5 tons.
Cargo: Can effectively carry up to 2,250 Lb. of cargo.
Power System: Electric or Multi-Fuel Only.
Market Cost: 28,000 credits.
1. Systems of Note:
    1. Audio Disk Player: The disk player can play both standard CDs and the little 2 and a half inch disks, without risk of skipping even on the roughest of roads.
    2. (Optional) Short Range Radio: A whip antennae and short range radio with a range of 20 miles may be added for only 300 credits.

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