S-Mart's Powered Armor

      Some of S-Mart's power armor is very advanced in comparison to most North American manufacturers, due entirely to Project Archive found below Shaquela Castle. It is for this very reason that Ace Ripley does not permit some of the suit types and systems to be mass marketed. I will list a price for all of them because all of these suit types MIGHT be available to allied nations at different times.

Commercially Marketed Military Power Armor

S-Mart Goliath-A: Heavy Infantry Support Unit.
S-Mart Gorilla-A: Heavy Infantry Support Unit.
S-Mart Interceptor-A: Light Assault Unit.
S-Mart Interceptor-B: Medium Assault Unit. (Also produced, under license, in Wa-Daisho as the Republican Industries RI Type 14 Kamiken.)
S-Mart SAMAS-A: Strategic Armor Military Assault Suit.
S-Mart Stinger-A: Light to Medium Multi-Environment Unit.

Suits Retained for N.O.M.A.D. Military/Allied Naval Fleet Use

S-Mart Copperhead-A: Medium Marine Support Unit.
S-Mart Nemesis-A: Heavy Armor Support Unit.
S-Mart SAMAS-B "Beerbelly": Electronics Warfare Power Armor Suit.
S-Mart Titan-A: Heavy Armor Support Unit.

Other Custom Types Retained Exclusively by Foreign Militaries

S-Mart Stinger-B: Light to Medium Multi-Environment Suit. (Used exclusively by Wa-Daisho's Red Devils as the SM Type 14 Stingray.)

Commercially Marketed Civilian Power Armor

      S-Mart President Ace Ripley, has just unleashed a new series of power armor units, via statement, designed to reduce the risks of many civilian fields, as well as increase work performance completed by properly trained and indoctrined construction/industrial workers. All these new suits are to be made available, to anyone willing to purchase such specialized suits.

S-Mart Everest-A: Mountain Rescue Power Armor.
S-Mart Firedrake-A: Fire Fighting Power Armor.
S-Mart Hercules-A: Heavy Lift Power Armor.
S-Mart Interceptor-C/Crime Stopper: Urban Security Power Armor.
S-Mart Vulcan-A: Heavy Construction Power Armor.
S-Mart 49er-A: Mining & Prospecting Power Armor.

      S-Mart also provides one feature not available from any of the other big corporations in North America, it allows for custom design orders for Power Armor. This can be an all new design or it could be a modification of an existing type - even foreign types. However keep in mind, that Desert Star has no intentions of releasing extremely powerful units into the world, and reserves the right to refuse orders if deemed to be too powerful or difficult to construct. (i.e. GM's preference.) Please visit the S-Mart Power Armor Design Sequence for details.

      Note please that most of the units presented here are converted from R.Talsorian Games, Cyberpunk® Sourcebook, Maximum Metal. Their' inclusion is by no means intended to infringe upon their copyrights, or trade marks but to add additional source information for Palladium's smash hit RPG RIFTS®.-Edward May (9/26/97)

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