S-Mart Osiris Pickup

      The Osiris is a purpose built pickup truck, of medium size. This rugged vehicle is popular among all walks of life throughout the Alliance as a practical vehicle, convenient for farm work, carriage of light cargo, and for day to day life. It's design is quite unique as far as pickup trucks go. It's front portion is rather boxy, with a large angled windshield rising up from just above the grill, and angling back before meeting the roof. It's large side doors make it a friendly design to cyborgs and large D-Bees alike. It's large elevated bed is rated to be able to carry up to a ton of cargo within it's 10'x8' enclosure. The first Osiris was produced in 114PA, and new models of this popular vehicle have been released annually since.

Model Type: Osiris-A.
Class: Civilian Pickup Truck.
Crew: 1; Can carry up to 5 passengers.
S.D.C./M.D.C. by Location:
    Wheels (4) - 5 each.
    Windows (2) - 20 S.D.C. each.
    Main Large Windshield - 50 S.D.C..
    *Main Body - 75.

* Depleting the main body M.D.C. will completely destroy the vehicle.

Maximum Speed: 90 mph, with slight variations from year to year.
Maximum Range: 350 miles, with slight variations from year to year. A full 70% of these vehicles are electric.

Statistical Data:
Height: 6'6".
Width: 9'.
Length: 16'.
Weight: 1.6 tons.
Cargo: Can effectively carry up to a ton (2,000 Lbs.) of cargo in the cargo bed, plus can accomodate up to 450 Lb. of cargo in the cab without adversely effecting performance. For every 50 Lb. exceeding this amount, reduce the maximum speed by 10 mph, until 40 mph is reached. Any weight over this amount will kill the engine.
Power System: Electric or Multi-Fuel Only.
Market Cost: 24,000 credits.

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