S-Mart Jeep A & B

      The S-Mart Jeep is a reproduction of the old Willy's Jeep MB known affectionately as the "Battlefield Taxi". Variations of this design were used throughout the 20th century and continued to soldier on in some places until the cataclysm. In it's original form it was not without flaws - namely being it's tendency to roll during high speed maneuvers. Despite this flaw the Jeep was durable and excelled at off road operations. Thus it was decided that S-Mart would produce this vehicle type, upgrade the engine to modern varieties with an option for multi-fuel or electric, and has countered the original tendency of rolling using a type of smart suspension that will counter for the force applied keeping the Jeep Land Rover steady and stable. It's small size as compared to the S-Mart Hummer, is an advantage in some cases, allowing the Jeep to enter small spaces, and maneuver through thin and crowded city streets. The Jeep is offered with a handful of options, including the Jeep-A variant that is a civilian model that can be covered with either a hard shell top or a convertible top. Then there is the Jeep-B military model that can again be covered with either top types, but it is also outfitted with a pintle mount in the back "bed" of the utility vehicle. Oversized covered tops for the purpose of moving large loads, ambulance duties, and the like are also available.

Model Type: Jeep-A (Civilian model.) & Jeep-B (Military model.).
Class: General Purpose Off Road Land Rover.
Crew: 1; Can carry up to 3 passengers comfortably, 4 if crowded.
M.D.C. by Location:
    Wheels (4) - 5 each.
    *(Optional) Hard-shell Top - 25.
    *(Optional) Convertible Top - 15.
    **(Optional) Oversized Passenger Cab - 20.
    ***(Optional) Passenger Doors (2) - 10 each.
    Windshield - 10.
    ****Main Body - 75.

* Without the use of additional passenger doors when these are fitted passengers may only be struck unimpeded through the open doorways at the sides of the vehicle at a penalty of -4 to strike.
** The Oversized Passenger Cab is little more than a plastic-canvas mesh on a non-folding metal frame. The plastic is of a high resistance type, providing limited mega-damage protection. The penalties to strike inhabitants are similarly mirrored in this top variety as the previous types described.
*** These doors are little more than a plastic-canvas mesh on a metal frame. The plastic is of a high resistance type, providing limited mega-damage protection. Their use protects the passengers and driver from direct attacks, providing modest mega-damage protection from the sides.
**** Depleting the main body M.D.C. shuts the vehicle completely down, making it useless.

Maximum Speed: 80 mph.
Maximum Range: 400 miles; A full 60% of these vehicles are electric.

Statistical Data:
Height: 4'4" with the windshield down, 6' with the windshield raised.
Width: 5'2".
Length: 11'.
Weight: 2,120 Lb. for the Jeep-A with no tops or other options fitted. A convertible top adds 92 Lb., a hard top adds 126 Lb., the oversized passenger cab adds 223 Lb., the doors add 28 Lb., and the snorkel tubes add 15 Lb. to the total weight. The Jeep-B military model adds an additional 50 Lb. for the pintle mount.
Cargo: Can carry up to 900 Lb. over the base weight of the Jeep-A without bogging down, losing 10 mph of speed for every 75 Lb. carried over this amount, down to a minimum speed of 20 mph. Anything over this amount will kill the motor. In the alternative the Jeep can pull a load twice this weight.
Power System: Electric or Multi-Fuel Only.
Market Cost: 20,000 for the Jeep-A model without any options. The addition of a convertible top costs 1,200 credits, the addition of a hard top costs 1,500 credits, and the addition of doors costs 1,000 credits. For the multi-fuel powered variety engine snorkel tubes for the exhaust and engine air intake are available at a cost of 150 credits. The military Jeep-B model adds an additional 2,500 credits to the base price, for the cost of the pintle mount, and a few other minor modifications.

Systems of Note:
    1. Pintle Mount: The military version is equipped with a 4' high pintle mount, in the "bed" of the Jeep, between the two rear seats. This too may be broken down with the removal of a few pins.
    2. Short Range Radio: This is a basic short range radio with a 10 mile transmission range.

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