S-Mart Armored Vehicles

      When Iron Heart Armaments wares appeared on the market, they revealed a largely untapped market for "old style" armored vehicles among the small nations of RIFTS Earth. The result of that revelation, was that New Kenkora became a sort of industry boom town virtually overnight. This revelation left companies like Northern Gun who had largely ignored the "outdated" pre-cataclysm ideas of the MBT, APC, and IFV, totally unprepared to compete. Instantly the sales of robot vehicles and power armor came crashing down.

      When S-Mart came into existence, King Ripley fully intended to use his vast library of pre-cataclysm industrial and military data to produce a new line of armored vehicles. HIS designs would be superior to anything on the market, because there were no gaps in the designs. Nothing that had to be fabricated anew. No basic systems had to be used to substitute advanced pre-cataclysm designs planned to be used with these designs, because it was all right there for them to use. The rebirth of such pre-cataclysm armor types as true composite armor AND reactive armor was another major revelation that would revolutionize the battlefields of RIFTS Earth, forever. His plan executed over the course of the next several years, it worked better than he ever could have imagined. The Coalition States inadvertedly became an ally of S-Mart by first occupying New Kenkora, and then engaging Naruni Enterprises whenever encountered - making business on RIFTS Earth less than profitable. That left only S-Mart and to a limited degree, Golden Age Armaments on the market. S-Mart cornered the market as planned, and their powerful armored vehicles may be found in dozens of different nations.

      Even while S-Mart accomplished this task, they further went on to utilize their experience in breathing new life to old tooling, in designing a new armored vehicle - the S-Mart Stonewall. The expressed purpose of this new vehicle design was to equip the N.O.M.A.D. Military of Desert Star with the absolute BEST quality hover tanks in North America.

The S-Mart Battlefield Enema Light Tank-aka US-M7A2
The S-Mart Maxwell Medium Tank-Aka USM9A2
The S-Mart Harvey A & B Main Battle Tank-Aka USM11A2
The S-Mart Atlas A & B Heavy Tank-Aka US-X-M20A1
The S-Mart Commando A & B Infantry Fighting Vehicle/Tank Killer-Aka US M15.
The S-Mart Zipper Hover Tank-Aka USH2A2
The S-Mart Stonewall Hover Tank-Aka "Full Back"
The S-Mart Pinoccio Armored Car aka US-A2A1
The S-Mart Trebuchet Armored Personnel Carrier aka USM50A1 "Merrimack"
The S-Mart Vlaad Riot Control Vehicle aka XM17 "Street Sweeper"
The S-Mart Mustang Armored Car

      Note please that many of these vehicle designs are based on those found in R.Talsorians Cyberpunk 2020 Sourcebook called Maximum Metals. This book has since been discontinued. A couple of the others, however, are actually straight from the pages of the now defunct FASA Corporation's Shadowrun Sourcebook called The Rigger Black Book. (The OLD version!) I'm not trying to steal the hard work of the artists that worked for these two companies, I'm trying to utilize these GREAT designs in what is in my opinion the best role playing game on the market.

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