6th Wa-Daisho City Police Precinct

Owner: Government owned & operated.
Reputation: A fairly effective police precinct, the resident soldiers here can generally take care of civil disturbances, traffic violations, and similar that take place here. However, when it comes to the Perkinji Pub, they've been told to try to stay out of the affairs of the patrons there - especially if Ben of Perkinji comes around. This comes straight down from the Republican Council!
Description of Establishment: A 120'x80' two story section of Level 2, with it's exterior painted white with a red stripe along the top of the face. The singular entrance is centrally located, and a series of windows are installed in the face, spaced out like an office building. Below the red stripe, in big bold black letters it reads the name of this establishment. Upon entering the precinct, is a lobby/entrance, with doorways to each side, leading to the offices of the troops assigned here. Beyond this lobby, is the jail of 6th Precinct, the interrogation room, some conference rooms, inmate shower room, inmate cafeteria, a small library for inmates, phone room, and a small first aid station. The stairs lead out of one of the offices, up to the second floor where the quarters of the 16 troops stationed here are found. Each of the 16 troops has their own studio apartment, a PC-2020 computer with complete WaNet access, a telephone, a television, a nice stereo system, a private bathroom, a comfortable super single bed, a dresser, and a weapons locker with voice/fingerprint locks. Between these 16 rooms is a kitchen, dining area, and a large recreation room, with a gargantuan big screen television, an assortment of comfortable couches and chairs, a fitness center, with; a treadmill, exercise bike, weight lifting center, and a padded aerobics/gymnastics floor section.
Description of Services: These sixteen individuals are responsible for keeping 2nd Level clear of crime, by heading off problems when they are observed, and collecting those responsible for committing crimes they were unable to prevent. They are also assigned the task to monitor the entrance to 1st Level - NOBODY without a Wa-Daisho Samurai Permit that scans through as authentic, and was scheduled to enter by someone of authority, enters the 1st Level. A sturdy sliding bay door bars the way into the 1st Level. Each of the two squads assigned here has a 12 hour shift they are responsible for - Day Shift or Night Shift. They will work this position for three weeks out of the month, and have one week off - replaced by one of a series of squads set to rotate around the different precincts in the city, to relieve troops there. Thus, at all times there are 4-8 troops patrolling this level, with an entire additional shift to call upon in times of need. A note regarding residency; MOST troops are required to live and work on post, but officers of Lieutenant grade or higher are permitted, if they so desire, to live at home with their families, and drive to work. The grueling hours, and three week long shifts are hard on troops though, and oftentimes members of the City Guard Division are rotated to other, less demanding, positions after a 6 month tour of duty in a precinct.

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