Wa-Daisho Aquaculture Related Products Price List

      This page is intended to give an in depth price list regarding the products available in Wa-Daisho relating to the aquaculture related products farmed/harvested on and around the island of Wa-Daisho. Aquaculture, counts not only fishing, but the catching of shellfish, and the harvesting of water borne crops as well. In Wa-Daisho there are also a number of water borne crops, that will be included in this section as well.


      This section will describe the fish and shellfish commonly available in Wa-Daisho, as a result of local fishing. Although this list is shorter than the list found on the crops related pages, the quantity in which food products are gathered from the sea far exceed crop harvests in terms of pure tonnage and in terms of importance in the diet of the average citizen. Canned fish comes in two labels on the island. The majority is packaged under Akersley's labels by one of his large "Motherships", and is labeled in the warehouse portion of his headquarters. Meanwhile the remainder is packaged under the Smithe Corp label, in which case it is harvested from the sea by one of the other commercial fishing franchises, and then their catch is sold to Smithe Corp. Canned fish is usually sold in a "fish stock" - basically a fishy broth that is essentially water the fish in question has been boiled in. Some of the shellfish is alternately packaged in olive oil - both varieties are priced approximately the same.

  • Abalone: 3.5 credits/kilogram.
  • Anchovies: 1.5 credits/kilogram.
  • Anchovies: Canned: 1 credit/250 gram can.
  • Black Cod: 3 credits/kilogram.
  • Black Cod: Canned: 1.2 credits/250 gram can.
  • Brown Trout: 3.2 credits/kilogram.
  • Clams: 2 credits/kilogram.
  • Clams: Canned: 1 credit/250 gram can.
  • Crab: 2.8 credits/kilogram.
  • Crab: Canned: 1.4 credits/250 gram can.
  • Crab, Tanner: 3.2 credits/kilogram.
  • Crayfish: 3 credits/kilogram.
  • Cutthroat Trout: 3.2 credits/kilogram.
  • Dogfish: 1.1 credit/kilogram.
  • Groundfish: 2.1 credits/kilogram.
  • Hake: 2 credits/kilogram.
  • Halibut: 2 credits/kilogram.
  • Halibut: Canned: 1 credit/250 gram can.
  • Herring: 2 credits/kilogram.
  • Mackerel: 2.2 credits/kilogram.
  • Mackerel: Canned: 1 credit/250 gram can.
  • Mussels: 2.4 credits/kilogram.
  • Octopus: 2.2 credits/kilogram.
  • Oysters: 2.5 credits/kilogram.
  • Oysters: Canned: 1.3 credits/250 gram can.
  • Pile: 2 credits/kilogram.
  • Rainbow Trout: 3.2 credits/kilogram.
  • Rockfish: 2.2 credits/kilogram.
  • Salmon: 2 credits/kilogram.
  • Salmon: Canned: 1 credit/250 gram can.
  • Sardines: 1.5 credits/kilogram.
  • Sardines: Canned: 0.8 credits/250 gram can.
  • Scallops: 3 credits/kilogram.
  • Scallops: Canned: 1 credit/250 gram can.
  • Sea Cucumbers: 1.1 credit/kilogram.
  • Serf Perch: 2 credits/kilogram.
  • Shiner: 1.2 credits/kilogram.
  • Shrimp/Prawns: 1 credit/kilogram.
  • Shrimp: Canned: 0.5 credit/250 gram can.
  • Smallmouth Bass: 3.5 credits/kilogram.
  • Smelt: 1.5 credits/kilogram.
  • Smelt: Canned: 0.8 credit/250 gram can.
  • Steelhead Trout: 2 credits/kilogram.
  • Steelhead Trout: Canned: 1 credit/250 gram can.
  • Squid: 1.5 credits/kilogram.
  • Tuna: 1.8 credits/kilogram.
  • Tuna: Canned: 1 credit/250 gram can.
  • Urchins: 2.2 credits/kilogram.

    Waterborne Vegetation

          This section describes the various crops of the waters both inland of the island, and at sea. Note that Wild Rice is covered under the Crops of Wa-Daisho, since it is harvested by some of the major crop growers on the island - even though it technically is a product of aquaculture.

  • Iodized Salt: 2 credits/500 gram jar.
  • Kelp: Dried: 2 credits/500 gram foil wrapped package.
  • Kelp: Baked; Chips: 1 credit/250 gram can. (Crunchy - Original, Plum, Peach, Raspberry, or Blueberry flavours available.)
  • Laver: Dried: 2 credits/500 gram foil wrapped package.
  • Laver: Baked; Chips: 1 credit/250 gram can. (Chewy - Original, Plum, Peach, Raspberry, or Blueberry flavours available.)
  • Laver: Honey Rolls: 1.5 credit/250 gram can. (Chewy - candy like roll.)
  • *Rice: Bagged: 8 credits/2 kilogram sack.
  • *Rice Paper: 4 credits/3 meters by 1 meter length.
  • Wild Rice: Bagged: 5 credits/2 kilogram sack.
  • Wild Rice: Tofu: 3 credits/250 gram can.

    * Indicates products imported from Kyatashiro - the island nation built on the altered climate island Baffin Island.

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