Vain Pt. III

Power Rating: *****
Level of Experience: 8 and up!
Campaign Members: As many as possible!
Requirements: The character(s) must have taken part in the first and second parts.
Avg Campaign Length: Weeks of playing time!

Hook: There are a couple of ways that this adventure may be hooked. If the characters are mercenaries or bounty hunters they can catch sight of a very peculiar sheet in the local paymaster's office. If they are not - they could be attacked by bounty hunters! In either case they will soon learn that a bounty has been placed upon their heads.
Line: Checking into things, they quickly determine that the person who put the bounty out on them, was none other than Darius Vain. This will be particularly vexing especially for the characters who actually killed him in the Vain Pt. II! The only solution then is to determine if this is the real Vain, if so, how he returned from the dead, and finally - where the hell he is now.
Sinker: In all actuality, Vain did not survive Vain Pt. II, BUT through an ancient ritual, and from what remained of his body, he was resurrected! Alive again, he is still bent on destroying civilization, but first - he believes he must destroy the characters who brought about his downfall the first two times. Thus far he has only gathered a small entorage, and resides in an ancient missile silo somewhere in North Dakota. There he has formed himself as the head of a small and secretive demon worship cult based out of Ft. Yates, who's primary idol is that of a giant obsidian phallis. The Cyber-Knight ruler of Ft. Yates is completely unaware of Vain's activities, history, or even of the demon worship cult. If he were to somehow be informed of it's activities on his land - he would certainly lend assistance to the characters.

Darius Vain: Darius is more powerful now than ever. In the several years since their last encounter with him, he has begun the studies of a Ley Line Walker, and is now a low level ley line walker, in addition to being a master Necromancer. This time he will not be caught unawares and has a number of servants who will defend him to their dying breath to protect him. Still, if he is destroyed this time, I am certain the characters will not make the same mistake this time, and leave his body where it could be resurrected.

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