Vain Pt. II

Power Rating: ****
Level of Experience: 6 or better
Campaign Members: 3-6
Requirements: There must be at least one character that was involved in part one, for the adventure to really work.
Avg Campaign Length: Two 4 hour gaming sessions.

Hook: Darius has risen again, and has amassed an army of the undead the likes of which the world has never seen. Several towns have been ravaged, only serving to further bolster their ranks with their walking dead.
Line: A group of heroes has gathered together with plans to try to bring him down. They will quickly welcome anyone with prior experience with dealing with this mad man.
Sinker: With his army so vast, and the group of heroes numbering no more than fifty, including the character group, they realize that though insane Darius is an effective enough leader to lead to their destruction. One of the other heroes, a cyber-knight, will suggest one thing - kill Darius. Without Darius his forces will be in disarray and will be easily defeated by a lesser force. Who, among the heroes, is crazy enough, and skilled enough to do this? Hopefully the player characters.

Darius's Tent's Protection: Darius may be insane, but he is not stupid, if at all anything, he is paranoid. At all times his tent is guarded in this fashion;
1.) Spells cannot be cast by anyone but Darius within 300' of his tent.
2.) 4 Gargoyles are on constant guard around his tent.
3.) 35 Zombies wearing Huntsman armor and carrying vibro-sabres walk a 100' perimeter around the tent.
4.) Darius himself is now a 15th Level Necromancer.

Outcome: Hopefully the characters will manage to make their way to Darius's tent, and kill him. If they play their cards right Darius will be asleep when they attack, and they will be able to catch him with his guard down. It is important that they KNOW that Darius is dead. Once that is so, the heroes will begin the long battle for Earth, against superior numbers. Once Darius is dead his walking dead will fall lifeless. This leaves 20 humans and D-Bees who served him willingly wearing a mix of this type of armor and that, two of which are mid level magic users. It also leaves a dozen gargoyles, counting the four protecting his tent, 10 Laesae lesser demons, a Jotan giant, and two beast dragons. This force will be ill prepared to fight without his support, and will be unorganized at best - possibly with some infighting among themselves as the battle carries on! Ultimately the heroes should be able to win the fight - but at least a couple of his supporters should be able to escape.

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