Vain Pt. I

Power Rating: ***
Level of Exp: 6 and up
Campaign Members: 3-6
Requirements: The characters must be somehow enticed into riding the world of this insane necromancer and his forces. Whether this be just through the characters good tenencies, or he is threatening an endeared town/village. Ect.
Average Campaign Length: One or Two 4 hour gaming sessions.

Hook: The characters hear tell in a tavern that a man named Darius Vain is recruiting an army to bring about the fall of the Coalition States. Some say it is because they killed a lover of his, others claim it is because he is the leader of a death cult, still others claim that he wishes to be the King of all of North America.
Line: If the characters decide to seek out this individual and his growing army, they will soon hear tell of other things. Demons and the undead being seen among the lands - and the growing feeling of unrest in the area.
Sinker: Darius Vain is an insane 12th level necromancer seeking to build an army of demons, undead, walking dead, and evil individuals to share in his vision of the destruction of all of civilization - not just the Coalition States. Already his army has grown to number over 100, and from the sounds of things, will grow still more under his lead. If he is not stopped soon - he will be a serious power to be reckoned with.
Note: No matter what the characters do, Darius should be provided with a route of escape. His army crushed, he will retreat, with a harsh word, and a vowing of revenge in his wake.

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