Tiegraen R.C.C.

by Clinton Knoell

      The Tiegraen are a race of tall, heavily built humanoids with white and black striped fur, and a distinctly feline appearance from some distant corner of the megaverse. Evolving on a world, roughly the size of Jupiter with a similarly excessive gravitational field, they were extremely tough. Unlike Earth, their homeworld, was cold, not just at or near the poles, but over all. The hottest temperature ever recorded, near the equator of their vast world, would be in the neighborhood of 60 degrees fahrenheit. As a result Tiegraen are uncomfortable in hot temperatures, and prefer to sleep through hot periods in a form of shallow hibernation.

      Tiegraen culture and technology evolved to a point and then simply stopped. The Tiegraen were reluctant to accept new ways of doing things, new tools, new weapons, or anything similar - and as a result their entire world seemed to freeze at a certain point in their development. This development was roughly the equivalent to earth's 10th century, common era. Their world was not a united one, it was divided among hundreds of small feudal states, and their civilization was divided heavily by caste. These feudal states often engaged in warfare, vieing for the choicest of hunting grounds, and the choicest of gathering grounds. (They were not an agricultural people, and had failed to domesticate a single animal.) For several hundred years, this is where their culture stayed. Then the ships arrived.

      A Naruni interdimensional ore discovery expedition led them to the homeworld of the Tiegraen. The homeworld of the Tiegraen was home to a rare organic mineral called Korasta, a sort of dense coral material, that over years fossilized and through intense pressure became extremely dense and tough. With the proper treatment Korasta becomes an extremely effective sort of armor plate, commonly used in Naruni products. The Naruni quickly determined that this world was populated by a sentient race, and so decided to approach those that resided within the areas with the most dense concentrations of Korasta.

      These initial contacts with the royals of those regions, revealed the iron clad belief in 'non-development', and as a result Naruni chose to try to stoke up support from commoners who did not feel so strongly about the belief that things should remain the same. The suggestion made, an insurrection soon followed, and with the help of Naruni agents training the commoners and supplying them with Naruni weaponry, it happened very quickly. Soon the revolt spread far and wide, and Naruni was only too glad to help. The deal merely was that they would supply the weapons and equipment, provided that they be given sole rights to the Korasta within the hills, mountains, and plains of their homeworld. Within fifty years the homeworld of the Tiegraen was a war zone. Few royals had managed to hold out, and only then by making side agreements with the Naruni. Even those areas that had fallen to the revolution were constantly at war with revolution being followed by counter revolution, and counter revolution followed by old rivalries coming to the fore - it was a mess. Meanwhile Naruni quietly set up their mining facilities, built a few orbital elevators, and began gathering their precious Korasta. This is the way that things remain to this day with the Tiegraen homeworld.

      The Tiegraen were not confined to their world, however. About 1% of the population of their homeworld was well versed in the practice of magic, thus those who learned how to teleport or create dimensional RIFTS, often left the world to explore. With the arrival of the Naruni, some Tiegraen were hired on as assistants, merchants, and similar - still others were taken as slaves as per agreements with Tiegraen powers where no Korasta was present. A small neighborhood in Center, on Phase World, is populated by Tiegraen with perhaps a thousand living within a one city block radius. A few hundred were brought to North America, during Naruni's attempts to expand there, to build a few outlet facilities. With the destruction of their superiors at the hands of hired guns from the Coalition States, Northern Gun, or Manistique Imperium - they were stranded. These few hundred individuals quickly turned to one another, and eventually established a small village in the foothills of central British Columbia. Once in a great while a Tiegraen mercenary, adventurer, or the like may be encountered anywhere, but seldom in numbers as great as those mentioned above.

Alignment: Any; but they all typically have an unusual sense of honor.
Natural Abilities: Nightvision: 200', Psionic Wingless Flight, Psionic Powers, Black and White vision, excellent hearing, cat like sense of smell, supernatural strength, supernatural endurance, and a super strong body.
Appearance: Appears to be a mutant Siberian Tiger. They typically stand anywhere from 7' to 8'6"
Common Ailments: Strained leg muscles, muscle pulls, and especially suseptable to sprains in their legs. (The Tiegraen's knees face backwards, and they are just not designed for that kind of stress.) They also feel very sluggish in temperatures over 80 degrees.
Life Span: 2 Aeros Years or 125 human years.
Attributes: I.Q.: 3D6, M.E.: 4D6, M.A.: 3D6, P.S.: 6D6!, P.P.: 5D6, P.E.: 4D6, P.B.: 3D6, Spd: 1D4x10 running; 2D6x10 Flying.
P.P.E.: 3D6
I.S.P.: M.E. + 2D6x10
M.D.C.: 5D6x10.
Tech Level: The Tiegraen developed until they reached the equivalent of the middle ages before they were contacted by the Nauruni. Common technology of the time was mostly focused towards subterranean dwellings for extended families or entire communities, large fortifications, siege towers, weapons made of tungsten, wood, and magical weaponry. Tiegraen failed to develop either domesticated livestock or established agriculture of any kind, relying instead upon hunter/gatherer techniques. With the advent of the Naruni - they quickly adapted Naruni weaponry, but do not possess the ability to create either the weapons or the ammunition.
Magic: The Tiegraen have no qualms against using magic, however only about one in a hundred perform any kind of magic.
Psionics: All Tiegraen have the powers of Bio Regeneration, Detect Psionics, Alter Aura, Clairvoyance, Empathy, Mind Block, Sense Magic, Sixth Sense, Telepathy, See Aura, Sense Evil, Bio Manipulation, and Telekinetic Force Field.
Skills: Basic Math, one of the local dialects of Tiegraen - there are MANY, and one additional language of choice.
O.C.C.: The typical warrior follows the Knight O.C.C., and Royal Warriors follow the Royal Knight O.C.C. However the Tiegraen can be of any O.C.C. as long as the possible training was somehow available.
Cybernetics/Bionics: None - their natural regenerative abilities prevents their use.

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