Smithe's Subterranian Clinic & Augmentation Center

Owner: Smithe's is really a partnership founded by Jason Smithe, the estranged younger brother of Richard Smithe, (Founder of Smithe Corp.) owned by Jason, three other body fixers, and a pair of cyber-docs.
Reputation: A reliable clinic that is located closely enough to the factory on Level 5 that oftentimes even seriously injured patients may be brought to Smithe's to be stabilized in time to move to one of the larger hospitals. In terms of bionics and cybernetics it is one of the best facilities in Wa-Daisho for applying such advanced medical technologies, one of only two such facilities in Wa-Daisho that is capable of Full Bionic Conversion. Given the national medical program that pays for all every day medical needs, price isn't an issue. Prices for optional bionic, cybernetic, and cosmetic surgery are, however, quite high.
Description of Establishment: A large 200'x200' two story medical facility, of all white block construction, with office type windows evenly spaced around it's structure. It has three entrances, one to the West, South, and North sides of the building. The East Side of the building has a well-equipped Emergency Room complete with a 40'x60' ambulance bay for emergency situations. In situations like that, doctors throughout the clinic will be called down to the ER to staff it to deal with emergency situations. These are, thankfully, quite rare occurrences. The main three entrances lead to a main lobby where appointments may be made and those waiting for scheduled meetings may sit to wait to be called upon. Most of the doctors offices are on the second floor of the establishment but the six operating rooms, X-Ray facility, Chemical Lab, Pharmacy, Cafeteria, and Cybernetics/Bionics maintenance shop are all located on the main floor.
Description of Services: At any time between the hours of 7 AM and 6PM there are 20-30 body fixers and 5-10 cyber-docs on staff, 2-4 Mystics, in addition to 75-120 Nurses/Interns and Nursing Aids with less advanced medical training. After hours there are generally 5 body fixers on staff with 15 Nurses/Interns and Nursing Aids. Up to 5 body fixers, 1 cyber-doc, and 18 Nurses/Interns/Aids are on call. They provide everything from emergency care, to generalized treatment of illnesses, preventative treatment for illnesses, treatment of injuries, and similar. Smithe's IS capable of partial or full bionic conversion but it costs 25%-50% more than book prices may list. On the upside, Smithe's is VERY skilled with installing and maintaining cybernetics and bionics so there is very little chance of there ever being complications.

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