The Skurvey Seamonkeys Pt.II

Power Rating: ****
Level of Experience: 7 or higher
Campaign Members: 5-10
Requirements: Must have taken part in Skurvey Seamonkeys.
Avg Campaign Length: One 4 hour gaming session.

Hook: After part one the characters should have gone on to other adventures, and moved away from the coast. As they are going, they begin to hear wild rumors about a traveling army, looking for a bunch of adventurers that resemble that of the player character group!
Line: Continuing to move through the wilderness towards whatever goal they are headed towards, they run across a small town that has been ransacked by a well equipped bandit army within the last 48 hours. Finding a survivor they will quickly discover that those that did this, are none other than the pirate band turned bandits - the Skurvey Seamonkeys!
Sinker: The few remaining Seamonkeys who survived the initial fight eventually escaped, and made their way to try to find a way out in the world. Luck seemed to smile on these pirates as they discovered a nearly abandoned depot of military equipment used by Larsen's Brigade. They quickly overwhelmed the few left behind to defend the equipment, and secured it, choosing to forsake the sea and head inland to become land pirates - bandits! Along the way they heard tell of a group of adventurers, resembling those they'd encountered in the past, and so have decided to try to find them and bring about revenge!

Skurvey Seamonkeys: The Seamonkeys have grown in number since last the character group encountered them to a total of 55 members, as they've recruited individuals along the way. The remaining members of the old crew have become the new 'old men' of the outfit, and so they call the shots. Although their prime goal is to continue pillaging, raping, and murdering - with this kind of firepower, they figure they may as well eek out some revenge on the character group while they're at it! The crew has two Iron Hammer Main Battle Tanks, ten Mountaineers with NG-P7s or NG-101s on the pintle mount, plus the footmen each carry either an NG-LG6 Laser & Grenade Launcher Rifle or an NG-P7!

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