The Skurvey Seamonkeys

Power Rating: ****
Level of Exp: 7 and up
Campaign Members: 5-10
Requirements: The characters must be of a mercenary class.
Avg Campaign Length: Three 4 hour gaming sessions

Hook: The characters are offered a substantial amount of money to come to a city on the coast to defend against a band of Pirates known as the Skurvey Seamonkeys.
Line: After remaining in the city for several weeks there are no encounters with the pirate band. The characters should be feeling a bit impatient by now as nearly a month has past without a single shred of action. It is becoming quite suspicious, both the vast sum of money offered for the action against the pirate band, as well as the fact that they were once so active here - yet now have suddenly stopped.
Sinker: The mayor of the coastal community who posted the bounty is working with the Seamonkeys! Once a week he checks in with them, traveling in disguise, to the waterfront, and to a small cove near the city. There the characters may find the Seamonkeys waiting it out - and rather impatiently as well.

Skurvey Seamonkeys: There are twenty-five pirates all told, who possess two Iwo Jima class hovercraft, as seen on the pages of RIFTS Underseas. They are well equipped with an NG-57 Heavy Ion Pistol, per pirate, and an NG-LG6 Laser & Grenade Launcher Rifle per every two pirates. They are equipped with a mix of Crusader, Coalition CA-2, Plastic Man, and Bushman body armor. Once discovered they will be eager to engage in combat. They are all of 3-5 level, with only a couple of green pirates in their midst. If the battle appears to be going badly for them, they will attempt to retreat, only to return another day.

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