September 1999 to December 1999 Updates

2:40AM 9/9/99 - This is Sir Tenzan†'s RIFTS Gallery's 3rd year on the net, having been created three years ago today. A lot has changed in this period of time, but probably the most significant change is taking place on this very day. It is today that I have modernized the main RIFTS Gallery and given it's new spiffy appearance, utilizing the wonderful tables so many businesses on the net seem to prefer today. I hope you like the changes as much as I liked making them. *smile* Here's to another wonderful year on the net!

2:05AM 9/10/99 - Today I updated Bladesmith Armorers. I added some background information to the company itself, including the president's name, where the people who own it come from, and I rearranged, reorganized, and fixed a lot of vague information, fixed some figures, etc. Check it out, I think you'll like it!

7:30PM 9/10/99 - I just finished updating the man Desert Star, Wa-Daisho, and S-Mart pages updating them to the new look. Check them out, and tell me if they are any better than they were before.

12:21AM 9/13/99 - I just gave the links page the brand new look, updated the links, and now it should be all nice and spiffy! *grin* However, there are two pages that will be removed shortly, only to be replaced onto a new page. ILLEGAL Palladium Pages. This will be a list of pages that have been deemed illegal because of reprinting of data either out of the books, which is ABSOLUTELY against the rules, or off of my web page without my permission.

12:32AM 9/14/99 - The situation with Lithin's RIFTS Page has been taken care of, as he has since removed the Guardian Power Armor from his sight. Appearantly he was unaware that I had made the write up of the Guardian, since he got the stats through a third party. As such, I have returned this page to my list of favorite RIFTSsites.

8:47PM 9/14/99 - I misunderstood what was on display on Logix RIFTS Page, thinking that he had the skills and spells from all the books on display on his page, but upon closer inspection, I see that it is merely a list, and so...without further adieu, it's on display on my links page!

12:05AM 9/15/99 - I updated information on the TW Items Page, The Red River Valley Gaming Group Page, & Palladium's Internet Policy Page. Check them out if you'd like!

5:53AM 9/15/99 - Tons and tons of updates today, The Custom Power Armor Page got a face lift, as did Samurai Creed, Adventure Central, OCCs & RCCs, as did the Official Errata Page! Most notably, is an all new written life story of Nyan Tamya, complete with a picture of what he looks like! Check it out!

1:33PM 10/3/99 - I have updated the Red River Valley Gaming Group site, with the dropping of one campaign, and with a tad bit of news about the RRVGG's appearance at ValleyCon.

6:18AM 10/7/99 - The RRVGG Monsters section has finally been added to the page, after over a week of putting all the data into HTML. Not half of all the monsters are on the page just yet, but I will be adding to this list slowly. A link has also been added on the OCCs & RCCs page to the Oligam, one of the monsters recently added. I did this because the Oligam is more or less peaceful, easily playable, and is not justified by having the title of monster.

5:22PM 10/8/99 - Okay, all sorts of updates to write in here from the last couple of days. Where to begin... I've added two monsters to the monsters page. Due to common interest among fellow gamers, I have also rebuilt the Megaversal Nexus here on my tripod sight, where the old D-Shift used to be. It's open to public, so drop in once in a while. I've added links to all the major pages, leading to the Monsters and Megaversal Nexus pages. I've also polished up all the main pages a little bit, by sorting out the data on the directory bar a little better.

3:51PM 10/20/99 - Sir Tenzan†'s RIFTS Gallery has been awarded the Palladium Elite Award for this month, and because of such, the award has been added to the Main RIFTS Gallery.

11:52PM 12/23/99 - It's been a while since Sir Tenzan†'s RIFTS Gallery has been altered in any way. Today, I added the S-Mart Aircraft listing, and typed up the S-Mart Javelin Interceptor. Check it out!

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