Smithe Corporation Type 84 Armored Survival Pack

      Although Smithe Corporation focuses on the private/civil sector of product manufacturing, Smithe Corp. does undertake a handful of military and paramilitary contracts. Perhaps their most prolific and common are the Armored Survival Packs, that have been produced since the mid-80s. Three variations have been produced to date. The first possessed a far more basic first aid kit than the second, lacking the carefully developed bandages intended to stave away infections and to treat burns as well as the potions. The second saw the introduction of the more advanced first aid kit. The third introduced a redesign of the survival pack's case to omit the strap and buckles to be replaced with magnetic clasps to attach directly to a suit of Republican Industries Type 86 Yoroi Environmental Body Armor. The Type 84-I and Type 84-II are both presently in production with the first produced for export and commercial sale while the second is produced exclusively for New Haven's military.

      Since the introduction of the initial Type 84 Armored Survival Pack, Northern Gun and Naruni Enterprises have both introduced their own versions. While Naruni's version is illegal in New Haven, both Naruni's and Smithe Corp's are illegal in the Coalition States and Whykin.

M.D.C.: 25.
Items Contained:
  • Single Man Marine Green Pup-Tent. (Can be folded to the size of a paperback book.)
  • Thermal Blanket. (A foil-like material sandwiched between layers of a lightweight marine green synthetic marine green fabric.)
  • Articulated Flashlight with Morse Shutter and Flip Down Red Lense Cover.
  • L & N Electronics Type 90 Hand-Held Inertial Navigational Computer & Compass and batteries for up to 1 month of use.
  • First Aid Kit;
        * Negate Poisons Potion (01-80% effect on natural toxins, 01-35% on magical poisons.)
        * 2 Potions of Greater Healing (2D6 H.P or 4D6 S.D.C; 4D6 M.D.C. for Supernaturals.)
        * 4 Rolls of Gauze Bandages.
        * 48 Healing Salve & Antibiotic Infused Bandages.
        * 2 Rolls of Medical Tape.
        * Collapsible Universal Splint.
        * 2 Ace Wraps.
        * 2 Tournaquette Straps.
        * RMK.
        * 2 IRMSS.
        * Case of 6 Morphine Squeeze Injector Doses.
        * Case of 6 Epinephrine Squeeze Injector Doses.
        * 12 Antiseptic Wipes.
        * 12 4"x6" Burn Treatment Bandages Infused with Antibiotics and Analgesic Cream.
        * 2 Pair Surgical Gloves.
        * Scissors.
        * Forceps.
        * Tweezers.
        * 4 Disposable Scalpels.
        * Suture Medical Glue.
        * Bottle of 100 Asprine Tablets.
        * Bottle of 100 Non-Drowsy AntihystamineTablets.
        * Tube of Sunburn Ointment.
        * Small bottle of rubbing alcohol.
  • Fishing & Animal Snare Kit. (Spool of wire, fishing line, hooks, pulleys, a small jar of synthetic fish bait, and a spritz bottle of animal musk.)
  • Laser Lighter; 3 foot range - Damage 1 S.D.C. - Payload 100+1D4x100 uses.
  • 100 feet of lightweight climbing cord.
  • Climbing gloves.
  • 10 ceramic spikes.
  • Lightweight climbing harness & Pulleys.
  • Small hatchet with a reverse side that can be used as a hammer or mallet.
  • 2 Qt. Aluminum Canteen with a purification filter.
  • Flare Gun with 12 flares; 2 EVAC, 2 Rally, 2 Advance, 2 Retreat, and 4 Parachute Illumination Flares.
  • 2 weeks rations.
  • Bottle of 200 multivitamins.
  • Mess Set.
  • Short Range Radio with Morse & Distress Beacon Functions - 4 mile range.

    Market Cost: New Haven's military variety would cost 137,000 if marketed, but due to the inclusion of the potions produced by the BWMG for the use of troops in the service of New Haven, Smithe Corporation is not permitted to sell this version. The Type 84-I, which lacks these potions, is marketed at a cost of 115,000 credits. Given that its cost far exceeds its competetors, it is seldom purchased in areas where types like the NG-S2 is available by all but the most serious adventurers concerned with safety and survivability. The commercial variety has fair availability in New Haven, Water Point Preserve, New Hope, and The Colorado Baronies. It has poor availability in the Pecos region, Lazlo and New Lazlo.

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