Assassin's Trilogy Pt1: The Scalpel

Power Rating: **
Level of Exp: 4-10th Level
Campaign Members: 3-6
Requirements: Requires that the group must be primarily made up of bounty hunters and assassins, and have no qualms about killing for money.
Avg Campaign Length: One or Two 4 hour gaming sessions.
Hook: A Mr.Dee wishes to hire a group of assassin's/bounty hunters, to kindly remove a crooked city official, named Dr.Leslie, of Brass (see Federation of Magic) from the difficult task
Line: The official is crooked police officer working alongside of CS spies amidst the Federation.
Sinker: Actually Dr.Leslie is a crackpot magic user, using more magic tricks than true magics. He is a CS sympathiser who has been dropping hints to CS spies as to where the true location of the City of Brass is located. "Mr.Dee" learned of this crime, through his army of contacts.
GM's Note: Without realizing it, they've just been Hired by Mr.Dee...otherwise known as Mr.Dunscon!! He had to use an outside group of individules to be sure that Dr. Leslie did not somehow find out about the assassination plot.

IQ: 12, ME: 21, MA: 22, PS:7, PP: 9, PE: 10, PB: 9, Spd: 10.
HP: 25
SDC: 13
Alignment: Anarchist
Disposition: Paranoid, Trusts virtually no one! He also tends to be a cheapskate, as well as being very lazy.
OCC: Level 6 police officer
Description: 5'1", 253Lbs, Brown Eyes, and Dk Brown greying hair. He is in his early to mid fifties.
Notes: If the characters observe him for any length of time they will find that he frequents a local pub in the city of Brass every Saturday night, and almost always leaves with a hooker near the ten o'clock hour. (The perfect oportunity for an assassination...don't you think?? *grin*)