Sagorian R.C.C.

Created by Chris Muhm
Written by Edward A. May

      A number of bizarre and sometimes ancient races are known to dwell within the seldom traversed core of the Thundercloud Galaxy. Some of these are silicon based, others are purely spectral, among the very few carbon based races located there, however, is the Sagorian race.

      The Sagorians are a unique people, especially when compared to those common throughout the Three Galaxies. They do not need to breathe, eat, drink, or sleep on a regular basis - subsisting almost entirely upon the radiation of suns. They retain the vestigial capacity to breathe but it is used almost exclusively for speech. They also have the capacity to eat and drink small amounts, but do not need to do this more than one or two large meals per month. At puberty all members of their species get an abnormal craving for the poisonous mineral rich waters of the underground streams common on their world. It is this instinctive thirst that actually drives a feature of their maturity in which their bone structure literally becomes plated in a form of molecularly collapsed iron.

      In general physiology the Sagorians appear very much like an extremely tall and stocky human. Unlike humans, however, the males and females of their race exhibit slightly different features. While both bear tough hides the two exhibit different skin tones entirely - the males sport brilliant sky blue skin and the females feature violet skin. This skin, in conjunction with their metallic bone structure, is incredibly resistant to damage, so much so that any damaged incurred through heat, cold, and most forms of energy is negligible. Another interesting feature to their physiology is that as a race they have developed remarkable psychic abilities. Both sexes are capable of two modes of psychic flight, one a slow speed form of flight for traveling brief distances, and the other - the ability to plot and make brief FTL jumps! The females, however, exhibit far more psychic abilities than the males. Beyond the ability to fly, they also possess additional psychic abilities - roughly in league with the Earthly Mind Melter! These abilities combined mean that the Sagorian race is one of the few in the Three Galaxies that can naturally traverse the stars.

      Culturally speaking, a modern Sagorian would have a lot of trouble relating to those of ancient times. Traditionally, the Sagorian people were a very savage and barbaric warrior race, and established no structured civilization of their own - not even tribal. It was anarchy and chaotic thus few records remain of this age, save the belief that their people originated on Sagoria Prime. (It is not surprising, however, that carbon dating of the earliest remains found on their world only date back between fifty-five and sixty thousand years.) It was the arrival of the Bearian people, some twenty thousand years prior, that changed all of that. The Bearians offered their people a different lifestyle to the one they were accustomed to, with a structured heirarchy, technology beyond their wildest dreams, and introduced magic. In return, these stocky bear-like humanoids were permitted to terra-form Sagoria Prime as their new home world. Over the ages since, the two races have become symbiotes of one another. The Sagorians relying upon the Bearians for their technology and magic influences, and the Bearians relying upon the Sagorians as shock-troops, laborers, and for their psychic abilities. While now largely 'civilized', the Sagorians still consider themselves a warrior race, and can be prone to solving their disputes more with action than with words. (The males are more likely to take this approach than the females.)

      The largest concentration of Sagorians is on Sagoria Prime and on the surrounding 36 planets of their dual star system, however, they can be found on occasion just about anywhere. The Sagorians are a naturally restless race, so it is not unusual to find them at the far corners of the Three Galaxies piddling around, working to repair star ships, as mercenaries, and as galactic tracers. Some ship crews refuse to share bunks with Sagorians because of their inhuman abilities. Due to their method of survival, their blood is naturally radioactive thanks to gamma radiation emitted by the suns they feed off of.

      As a race, their current agenda is a sort of non-intervention policy regarding the powers of the Three Galaxies, but they are ever watchful for any alien power entering the Three Galaxies that begins to bully the existing powers. Right now, the foremost thing on their agenda, is investigating the presense of the Intruders, and determining if they are indeed a threat to the Three Galaxies.

Sagorian R.C.C.
Alignment: Any.
    Male: I.Q.: 3D6, M.E.: 2D4 (Naturally vulnerable to the female's psionics!), M.A.: 3D6, P.S.: 6D6+2, P.P.: 4D4, P.E.: 4D6+6, P.B.: 3D6, Spd.: 2D4x10+10. P.S. & P.E. are considered supernatural.
    Female: I.Q.: 4D6+6, M.E.: 4D6+6, M.A.: 3D6, P.S.: 3D6, P.P.: 4D4, P.E.: 3D6, P.B.: 4D6+6, Spd: 1D4x10+12. P.S. & P.E. are considered supernatural.
M.D.C.: 6D6x10 M.D. (+2D6 per level.)
P.P.E.: 2D6.
I.S.P.: 3D6 for the males and 3D4x10+M.E. (+3D6 per level) for the females.
Size: 7' to 9' tall.
Weight: 800 to 1,000 Lb. due to their build and metallic skeleton.
Average Life Span: 1,000 years.
Natural Abilities: Impervious to fire, heat, ice, cold, radiation, and most energy weapons. They are capable of living their whole lives in the vacuum of space - even at the heart of a star. Regeneration is 1D6 M.D. per melee when in sunlight or starlight. As Sagorians get older their skin and bone structure gradually toughens developing a natural resistance to kinetic attacks, reducing all damage taken from such attacks by 1 M.D. per level of experience.
Horror Factor: 10 when their supernatural abilities come into play, or when dealing with someone who knows the reputation of a Sagorian's abilities.
Psionics: All Sagorians have two forms of psychic flight. The first is a sublight 'crawl' that moves at 3D6x10 plus their speed attribute, twice that in space. There is no limit to the altitude or for the length of time they can maintain the flight ability. The second form is their unique faster than light capabilities. After a melee of concentration a Sagorian can make an FTL jump equal to 2 light years per level of experience. The females possess far more powerful psychic abilities gaining FOUR psychic abilities from each of the four psionic categories plus two additional powers per level of experience.
R.C.C. Bonuses: The males have a +1 to strike, +2 to parry, +2 to dodge, and a +3 to initiative. The females have a natural +2 to save vs. horror factor, +4 to save vs. psionics, +5 to save vs. illusions/mind control, and +2 to save vs. mind effecting magic.
R.C.C. Combat Attacks: Standard, 2 plus those offered by O.C.C. and skills.
Average Level of N.P.C. Experience: 2D6.
Magic: Magic among Sagorians is extremely rare.
Vulnerabilities: Sagorian bone structure makes them extremely succeptible to electrical attacks, taking double damage from all such actions. (Ion weapons inflict their normal damage.) Sagorians also rely upon the radiation from suns for sustainance. For every 24 hours without sunlight all of the Sagorian's physical attributes suffer a cumulative -2 penalty. The M.D.C. and skill performance of the Sagorian is similarly effected, decreasing by a cumulative 10% for every 24 hours without sustained sunlight or starlight. After four days the lack of sustainance also begins effecting the Sagorian's mental attributes with a penalty of -2 for every 24 hours after the 96 hour mark. They become cranky, volatile, and can suffer from hallucinations. After ten days, the Sagorian will enter into a coma, and if they are not brought back into the sunlight within an hour for each point of P.E. - they will die. While not technically a vulnerability, Sagorians are particularly dangerous in battle to other races, because their blood is radioactive. Getting even a small drop on the bare skin of a creature vulnerable to radiation will result in a localized burn inflicting 1D6 S.D.C./M.D.C. that heals at one-tenth the normal rate. Furthermore the character must roll a save vs. lethal poison, or go into radiation sickness. (The results are; weight loss, hair loss, nausea, an additional 1D6 S.D.C./M.D.C. damage per day, and the loss of all regenerative capabilities of H.P./S.D.C./M.D.C., P.P.E., and I.S.P. - this will last for 2D4 days per hour their skin was exposed to this poisonous substance.) Additionally, males are EXTREMELY succeptible to the influence of psionics - suffering a -6 penalty whenever dealing with such abilities.
Skills: As per the O.C.C. Selected.
Allies: They tend to get along well with other warrior races, but none moreso than their Bearian allies.
Enemies: None per se, but they are particularly interested in the affairs of the Intruders at the present time.
Value: None! The Sagorians are too difficult to control as a slave race so no slaver worth his salts will even consider attempting to enslave them. Their hide decomposes quickly after death and monster races will not eat Sagorian due to the radiation ambient in their internal structures.
Appearance: The Sagorian appear to be well muscled humans of exceptional height with light blue or violet skin depending on their sex and glowing golden eyes.
Habitat: The Sagorians are, as near as anyone can figure, originally from Sagoria Prime. However, their evolutionary capabilities suggest that they are a race that evolved to the point that they do not need to rely upon a planet to survive. Some Sagorians choose to live within suns, others on cold rocky moons, others in tropical paradise worlds, and still others yet in sun baked worlds where the surface is only degrees away from molten.
Equipment Note: Almost every Sagorian carries with him/her a small magically enchanted locket the size of a golf ball that contains what they call "The Spark of Suns". This is an advanced techno-wizard aparatus that contains the combined element of TEN Globes of Daylight. When opened the brilliant light from this works as a Blinding Flash to an immediate 30 foot radius, but it's primary purpose is to be used as a ration source and first aid kit to the Sagorian people when traveling between galaxies, underground, or inside of darkened structures. It has a total energy life of one year and can be recharged by any techno-wizard or stone master at a cost of 200 P.P.E. for another full year use.

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