Republican Industries Type 99 UV Spectrum Pulse Laser Pistol/Carbine

      Officers in New Haven's military have been issued a laser pistol as their primary weapon since the advent of New Haven's organized military so as to permit officers to carry more pertinent equipment such as sensors, optics, hand held computers, communications equipment, navigation equipment and maps. While this was a convenient arrangement this left officers at a supreme disadvantage when faced directly with the enemy. Thus the Republican Council submitted a request that a new and more versatile weapon be developed specifically for officers; A heavy laser pistol with attachments that could permit it to quickly and easily be configured as a carbine that would give an officer a suitable weapon for such situations.

      Republican Industries had developed unique breakthroughs in laser weapon design that could be adapted to surplus equipment and existing tooling available from the former standard laser rifle of New Haven's military and as a result, design work was focused around developing a radical new design that would utilize components from the old Type 78 UVS Pulse Laser Rifle. The decision to do this served two purposes, reduction in development costs as well as the reduction of the time required for development.

      The new type was developed around the old Type 78 UVS Pulse Laser Rifle's fluorescing chamber with a similar capacitor arrangement to the Type 95 UV Spectrum Pulse Laser Rifle that would permit the new type to use both Universal Standard Energy Clips as well as the Type 94 Standard Energy Clip. The new weapon would also use the Type 78/90 UVS Pulse Laser Rifle's wire folding stock and a separate barrel assembly that could be fitted to the new heavy pistol that would allow it to quickly be upgraded to a "carbine" with identical capabilities to the venerable old Type 78 UVS Pulse Laser Rifle in a compact lightweight version.

      The new type went from the drawing board to prototype version in less than a year. After extensive testing, limited production began in the Spring of 99PA and large scale manufacture of the type was initiated by year's end, marking it as the Republican Industries Type 99 UV Spectrum Pulse Laser Pistol/Carbine.

      Since its introduction it has developed a favorable reputation among officers in New Haven's military as such very few have opted to carry a traditional laser pistol in its stead.

Weight: 4.5 Lb. in pistol configuration; 6.2 Lb. with the carbine attachments affixed.
Mega-Damage: 2D6 M.D. for single pulse blasts; 6D6 M.D. for triple pulse bursts.
Rate of Fire: Standard.
Maximum Effective Range: 800 ft. in pistol configuration, 1,600 ft. in carbine configuration.
Payload: 40 pulse laser blasts per standard energy clip.
Market Cost: Not available, though its multi-optic's scope has long been on the market for around 12,000 credits.
Bonuses: A laser targeting sight can be fitted under the pistol's housing forward of the trigger assembly providing a +2 to strike when affixed and a multi-optics scope when fitted provides +1 to strike.

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