Republican Industries Type 95 UV Spectrum Pulse Laser Rifle

      In 94PA the Republican Council was informed by their Tolkeenite allies that both the Coalition States and Wilk's Industries were in the process of developing advanced pulse laser technology that would exceed the capabilities of all current types produced in North America. Along with this news, partial schematics as well as a Black Market acquired prototype variant of the new Wilk's design was temporarily loaned to Republican Industries to research the type in the hopes of improving the current rifle of New Haven's military - or if failing that, developing a new design based upon this weapon.

      The prototype was as described, exceeding all known pulse laser rifles produced at the time. Its fluorescing chamber was designed both for high energy output as well as energy efficiency. Its balance was astonishing, when compared to other pulse laser rifles on the market. Perhaps the most impressive feature, however, were its lenses; They were utterly flawless even to the microscopic level permitting accuracy beyond the current capabilities of known pulse laser rifles; The only way to accomplish this feat, however, was to manufacture them in an environment unimpeded by gravity.

      Realizing that both the Wilk's and Coalition varieties would soon outclass the Type 78 UVS Pulse Laser Rifle, Republican Industries worked feverishly to produce a design based upon the data gleaned from the Wilk's prototype. While Republican Industries worked hard at designing a weapon that would trump the new CP-40/CP-50 series of pulse laser rifles and match that of the new Wilk's design, the Republican Council added a few requirements to the new design.

      While the Type 78 had served the Republic well, it was severely limited in terms of its versatility. With a comparatively small military at the disposal of New Haven, a universal rifle with multiple configurations would be preferable to a number of different designs for separate missions. The weapon had to be easily maintained in the field, it had to integrate the folding wire stock of the Type 78/90, it must have interchangeable barrels for different combat scenarios, and it had to have configurations that would allow it to mount secondary weapons such as bayonets, grenade launchers and/or small caliber projectile weapons.

      Around the clock, weapons engineers worked to fulfill the requirements laid out before them before they at last came up with a working prototype that fit the criteria set forth by the Republican Council. Meanwhile, Smithe Corporation also assisted with the design of a sub-machine pistol and a single shot 40.02 mm grenade launcher that could be affixed to the new weapon.

      Despite a few teething problems, the Republican Council designated the new weapon as the Republican Industries Type 95 UVS Pulse Laser Rifle; Or as it later came to be known by its users - the Swiss Army Rifle. While not quite as powerful as the new Wilk's design, it was more powerful than both the prototype CS designs as well as the outdated Type 78s presently in service and whats more is that it possessed versatility in design which was lacking in all types manufactured in North America. By years end, the new design was in limited production and gradually ramped up to full scale production by the end of 96PA. Within two years it had completely replaced the original Type 78 UVS Pulse Laser Rifle in front line service, with the exception of the Type 78/90 which remains in service to this date.

Weight: 7 Lb.; 7.6 Lb. with the bayonet affixed. 12.5 Lb. with the sniper-rifle barrel and bipod, 10.75 Lb. with the Smithe Corp. Type 96 40.02 mm Grenade Launcher, 9.5 Lb. with the Smithe Corp. Type 96 7.65 mm Sub-Machine Pistol, and 6.4 Lb. in Sub-Machine Gun configuration.
Mega-Damage: 3D6 M.D. per single pulse; 1D4x10+14 M.D. for triple pulse bursts. Grenades vary according to type. The 7.65 mm Sub-Machine Pistol inflicts 1D4x10 S.D.C. per three round burst. The Vibro-Bayonet inflicts 1D6+1 M.D.
Rate of Fire: Standard.
Maximum Effective Range: 1,500 feet in bullpup configuration, 2,000 feet in rifle configuration, and 3,000 feet in sniper configuration. The Smithe Corp. Type 96 40.02 mm Grenade Launcher has a range of 1,800 feet, and the Smithe Corp. Type 96 7.65 mm Sub-Machine Pistol has a range of 500 feet.
Payload: 30 pulse laser blasts, single shots for the grenade launcher, and the sub-machine pistol has a payload of 30 rounds. (Note that this weapon is frequently issued on missions where vampires are anticipated to be encountered and as such are typically loaded with silver ammunition.)
Market Cost: Absolutely not available, though the vibro-bayonet costs 7,500 credits, the snap-ring laser targeting site costs 1,200 credits and the Multi-Optics scope runs around 12,000 credits.
Bonuses: The laser targeting sight provides a +2 to strike when affixed and the multi-optics scope provides +1 to strike.

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