Republican Industries Type 90 UV Spectrum Heavy Laser Pistol

      In October of 88PA the New Haven Army requested that a redesigned Type 82 Heavy Laser Pistol be developed with UV Spectrum capabilities, or if failing that, a new design with similar performance with said capabilities be developed via Republican Industries. It wasn't the first complaint made by one of New Haven's Military branches, the diaphram cooling system had a tendency to become mired with sand and muck when used in an aquatic environment, leading to seal failures in the flourescing chamber, and seepage into the vacuum sealed barrel assembly. These failings had already led to two deaths and three severely wounded troops over the years since the type's introduction. Due to the high ranking request and given the spotty record for the Type 82 Heavy Laser Pistol, the Republican Council submitted an official order for a new military sidearm to be developed for New Haven's Military.

      Starting with the Type 82 as a basis, Republican Industries addressed each of its design issues that had vexed the 82's users since it's introduction, namely it's carbon dioxide based flourescing chamber, its diaphram exhaust cooling system, and its weight. The new weapon would also have to integrate Liberty Initiative alterations that would permit it to use both foreign and domestically produced standard energy clips, and feature superior balance to the overweight Type 82. The expense to these alterations would be less durability than its predecessor.

      A trio of prototypes were developed over the course of the following year, and after a series of trials, a single design was chosen as the successor to the Type 82 Heavy Laser Pistol. It entered production on June 20th, 90PA. Aside from die-hard veterans, by the summer of the following year, the Type 90 UV Spectrum Heavy Laser Pistol had phased out its aged predecessor.

      The Type 90 remains the standard side arm of all of New Haven's military branches, with the exception of officers, who between 99-102PA replaced their sidearms with the Type 99 UV Spectrum Pulse Laser Pistol/Carbine.

Weight: 3.5 Lb.
Mega-Damage: 3D6 M.D.
Rate of Fire: Standard.
Maximum Effective Range: 1,000 ft.
Payload: 15 shots per Standard E-Clip; This weapon can accommodate both universal standard energy clips as well as Republican Industries Standard Energy Clips.
Market Cost: Not available.
Bonuses: Due to superior balance the Type 90 UV Spectrum Heavy Laser Pistol enjoys a +1 to strike, not including the +2 to strike if fitted with a laser targeting system.

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