Ready Wheels Taxi Service

Owner: The owner of this establishment is Theodore West, a construction worker turned businessman. He's a married man, has six kids, and works seven days a week. As a workaholic he has little time for nonsense, and if spoken to he will make his responses as brief as possible. He oftentimes takes jobs himself.
Reputation: The only taxi service in Wa-Daisho. Ready Wheels are used quite frequently by workers who do not have a car of their own, by people who drank a bit too much during the course of the night, and for those who simply find it more economical to pay for a taxi than pay for a car.
Description of Establishment: A 120'x80' two story section of Level 2, with a white painted front, with a black and yellow checkered line all along the base. The entrance, centered on the front of the structure's face, is flanked to it's right by a garage type door. Above the entrance/garage door, in stylized slanted bold letters is the name of this establishment. Inside it is a typical taxi garage, with a cluttered office to one side, with all of the equipment to maintain and store their taxis.
Description of Services: Supplies the City of Wa-Daisho with taxi services as well as pay limousine services. The taxis, which are 20 S-Mart Quincy vans, will transport a person anywhere in the city of Wa-Daisho for 10 credits. Response time to a call for a taxi is only about 10 minutes. Ready Wheels own only two limos, so the limo service is limited. Their limos were imported from the Hope Barony, from a no-name brand. They look a lot like an old fashioned Lincoln, are SDC in construction with a reinforced passenger compartment that has 25 MDC, and windows that have 15 MDC. These may be rented out at 45 credits per hour, but must be reserved at least a week in advance. (Last minute reservations cost double normal costs, because it may sometimes require a driver to be called in at the last minute, or canceling someone else's reservations.) Cost of alcohol, personal phone calls, and similar are all extra.

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