Owner: Raymon Zuker, a middle aged human mutant originally from New Lazlo owns and manages this department store. When he was out East, he owned three such stores, two in Lazlo, one in New Lazlo - until competition finally closed him down. He sold off his wares, and moved out West to greener pastures. Unfortunately, when he arrived - it was already after the first businesses had been established. The Republic had already been declared, and due to a lack of department stores and the goods they carry, there were a number of Commodities Stores already in existence that were government owned!
Reputation: Raymon's is a nice department store, but again - a failing prospect. The Republic owned Commodities stores carry a greater selection, and can carry goods at cheaper prices than a privately owned store could. Thus, although it may be a great place to visit, it is doomed to failure.
Description of Establishment: A 120'x120' two story tall (Still a single floor inside.) section of Level 2, with a face painted a white color - with a bit scrawl work sign in black, painted right on the front of the shop above the entrance. Along the entire shop face is a bank of windows, and the entrance is composed of 4 glass doors. Inside is a store that has eight check out lanes, and 12 aisles. There are specialized sections for electronics, clothing, housewares, health & beauty, automotive, hardware, toys, gardening, and wilderness survival.
Description of Services: Essentially a department store, comparable to the Kmarts and early Walmarts of the late 20th Century. Food products are not carried however - nor is there an integral drug store, which is a large part of what makes Raymon's a failure, compared to the Commodities Stores in Wa-Daisho. Prices are fair - but cannot compare to those found in the Commodities Stores, due to taxation and the costs of running the business.
Author's Note: This problem will continue to get worse - until Raymon begins contemplating closing down, as it's beginning to put a dent in his "nest egg" - then he gets a great idea. During the next State of the Republic Picnic, he arranges a meeting with the Councilman of the Treasury, Councilman of Public Services, and the Councilman of National Development. In this meeting, and five others like it, Raymon Zuker makes arrangements with them to buy the Commodities Store line, and change them all into "Raymon's" stores! The deal goes for an undisclosed amount of money, but by 126PA all of Wa-Daisho's Commodities Stores will be called "Raymon's", but with the same selection as they had as Commodities Stores.

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