Owner: Rachel Corrinth formerly owned this establishment, but sadly she passed on in 117PA. It is now owned by a corporate entity in the Hope Barony that has taken on her well-respected name for their own. They own a number of mercantile production facilities, and a huge variety of shops carry the wares bearing their logo.
Reputation: Rachel's logo, prior to it's Corporate buy out following her passing, was known to be one of the best in the Western Americas among the upper middle and higher classes. The corporation out of Hope Barony thus far has kept true to her name, and has not betrayed her well earned reputation. Thus many shoppers frequent this place - but prices can be a bit high.
Description of Establishment: A 120'x80' two story tall section of Level 2, with a face that is painted a deep gray. A bank of windows and a two door entrance highlight this store's face. Directly above the entrance is a large white sign with the name of the shop written in a filigree style writing.
Description of Services: Sells expensive apparel of all sorts to the people of Wa-Daisho, at medium to high prices as well as offers first rate tailor services. All of the goods here are of high quality, with a vast range of various forms of apparel available. One major tradition at Rachel's when she was around, that was retained, was the importation of Triax Plain Clothes armor to be inserted into clothing! Prices of Plain Clothes armor will be 65% over retail price in the NGR, plus the cost of the original article of clothing it's to be installed in, plus a hefty tailor fee.

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