Peacebringer O.C.C.

by Edward May

      "...and suddenly, when we thought all was lost - an armored man seemingly appeared out of no where, and killed the Xiticix which was about to kill Terra. We stood there in awe of this man and thought that he might be a Cyber Knight at first, but when we asked his name - he said in Dragonese accented American, "I am Peacebringer, Lord BrightStar." I knew then, he was one of the fabled Peacebringers of Tykesi - the otherworldly paladins that even the noble Cyber Knights look up to." - Quote from Mishel Connair, Rogue Scholar.

      The Peacebringers of Tykesi 100 years ago were virtually unheard of on Earth. About ten years ago however, stories began passing around about charcoal black skinned D-Bees who acted "all holier than thou", but were never identified as a person or group of people - and were commonly mistaken for D-Bee Cyber Knights. Under more careful scrutiny it can be seen however that they are very different.

      The Peacebringers of Tykesi is actually an organization of Paladin-like warriors from another world, known as Armistice. On this world, the Akonian race of charcoal black skinned people, began this tradition years ago. This happened when the planet of Armistice was attacked by hundreds of incredibly powerful and monsterous interstellar insects, that devoured hundreds of their people. It was then that their god, Tykesi, gifted 1,000 worshipers with a fighting art. (Something unheard of on their world, as war was unheard of!) These warriors were then dubbed the Peacebringers of Tykesi. They destroyed or imprisoned the monsterous insects after a year of near constant fighting, losing nearly half their number in the process. After the war, the Peacebringers were seen as heroes and mentors to the rest of the people. From there on, arts were passed down to decendants and to worthy students, much in the same way a knight takes on a squire. The relatives and decendants of the original Peacebringers were like nobles, and were referred to as Lord. (If they too were a Peacebringer, then it would go Peacebringer, Lord So and So.) They developed their skills further, and created a specialized "Equilizer Blade", a blunt short sword sized weapon, with a rounded point at the top, that has an adjustable power setting at the base of the hilt. (Functions Similarly to the Neural Mace, only more powerful when on higher settings.) Additionally they developed a suit of armor, that would protect the Peacebringers from harm if the 'Invaders' ever did return, and serve a purpose of identifying a Peacebringer on sight during peaceful times.

      Since that first encounter with the 'Invaders' as they called the monsterous insects that attacked Armistice (These same insects, though rare, are known in the Three Galaxies as Challopeaque (Chal-loh-pea-yak).), the people of Armistice have begun to explore the megaverse through powerful magics, and with them of course go the Peacebringers. Once off world, the Peacebringers came to realize that their planet is just one of many with problems presented by monsterous creatures, dominating, enslaving, or plain out devouring as in their case - and so once they had begun their travels, it became quite apparent that their skills were not given to them just to defend Armistice, but defend all peace loving creatures alike. It is not unusual for a Peacebringer of Tykesi to take up students who are not of his or her race, but they must have at least major psychic abilities, and have some magic potential.

      Peacebringers encountered on RIFTS Earth, Wormwood, or in the Three Galaxies are seen as being polite, understanding, and very honorable. They see the Cosmo-Knights, Cyber Knights, and especially the Knights of the True Vision as kindred spirits - with the exception that Peacebringers of Tykesi will very rarely outright kill an opponent, supernatural or not. They will do everything within their power to bring that creature or person to justice without doing so.

Peacebringer O.C.C.
Alignment: Good Only!
Attribute Requirements: I.Q., M.E., P.S., P.E. of 11 or higher, P.P. of 14 or higher.
Special O.C.C. Bonuses;     +2 to P.E.
    +6 to Spd.
    +4 to P.S.
    +1D4x10 M.D.C./S.D.C.
    +1 Attack
    +3 to Initiative
    +1 Save vs. Horror Factor at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, & 15.
    *See the Peacebringer Fighting Form below, for other bonuses.

Psionics: As per the R.C.C. - requires at least Major Psionics. 98% of which accepted are Psychic sensitives.
Magic: None, but is not opposed to using magic weapons, or items.

O.C.C. Skills
    Land Navigation (+10%)
    Wilderness Survival (+10%)
    Pilot: One of Choice (+5%)
    Paramedic (+15%)
    Basic Mathematics (+10%)
    Language: Dragonese (+25%)
    Language: Two of Choice (+10%)
    Domestic: Two of Choice (+5%)
    W.P. Blunt
    W.P. Two of Choice
    Hand to Hand: Peacebringer Fighting Form

O.C.C. Related Skills: Select ten other skills at level one, and two additional skills at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15. All new skills start at first level proficiency.
    Communications: Any (+5%)
    Cowboy: None
    Domestic: Any.
    Electrical: Basic Only.
    Espionage: Any.
    Mechanical: Basic or Automotive Only.
    Medical: None, See O.C.C. Skills.
    Military: None.
    Physical: Any (+10% where applicable).
    Pilot: Any (+5%)
    Pilot Related: Any
    Rogue: None.
    Science: Math, Astronomy, Archaeology, and Anthropology only. (+10%)
    Technical: (+5%)
    W.P.: Any
    Wilderness: Any (+5%)

Secondary Skills: Choose a total of five secondary skills from the previous list. They are limited to the categories listed, but do not receive any special bonuses listed in parentheses. These are additional areas of knowledge learned as a hobby or self taught - keep that in mind when selecting them.

Equipment: 4 Wooden Stakes, a Mallet, a Silver Cross (incidentally the holy emblem of Tykesi), First Aid Kit, Sleeping Bag, Backpack, Utility Belt, Lighter, Flashlight, 1D4 pairs of Hand Cuffs, 1D4 pairs of Manacles, 100' of rope, Grappeling Hook, 2D6 Metal Spikes, Pair of Polarized Tinting Goggles (Used frequently by Akonian Peacebringers because of daylight being so bright to them - though not harmfully so.), Air Filter, Binoculars, 4 weeks of rations, plus some personal effects. As for weapons, the Peacebringer typically has two weapons of choice, 2D6 Stun/Flash Grenades, or Tear Gas Grenades, plus the Equalizer Blade. Protection is offered in the form of a suit of Peacebringer Armor, if an Akonian, if not, a conventional suit of medium to heavy armor.

The Equalizer Blade: The chosen weapon of the Peacebringers, the Equalizer looks generally to be a straight round bar of black metal, with a handle of any number of colors on one end, and a small cross piece protecting the hand. The hilt is slightly enlarged to keep it from sliding out of the hand. At the far end, the bar ends in a rounded point. The bar is energized, much in the same way a neural mace is powered. This weapon is designed to inflict damage from as low as 2D6 S.D.C. to 4D6 M.D., and will knock out the opponent from the charge, unless a save of 18, 19, or 20 is made. The slightly enlarged, no slip portion of the handle can be turned to increase the power of the energy output by the Equalizer. When not in use, it may be turned completely off, and returned to it's tubular sheath, where it is charged by a standard E-clip. Each clip provides enough energy for 10 hours of continual use on an S.D.C. setting, or 1 hour on any M.D.C. settings.

Armor of the Peacebringers: A suit of plate and chain armor, similar to the Explorer Armor, but it's helmet is much different. The helmet is rather non-descript in appearance, looking to have a flat face piece, with slits in it, not dissimilar to the way a Glitterboy's face plate looks. It is heavy armor, weighs 17 Lbs, provides a -10% prowl penalty, and provides 70 M.D.C. protection.

Additional Information

Peacebringer Fighting Form:

      The Peacebringer Fighting Form is not designed to kill the opponent, but is designed for light strikes, and disabling blows. All attacks AUTOMATICALLY inflict half damage regardless of strength, unless it is a blow from an Equalizer blade, which does full damage.

Escape Moves: Roll with Punch, Leap.
Attack Moves: Leap.
Basic Defense Moves: Dodge, Parry, & Auto-Parry.
Advanced Defense Moves: Disarm, Circular Parry, Multiple Dodge, & Entangle.
Hand Attacks: Thunder Fist (Special! Shock Stun Only, no M.D.C., S.D.C., or H.P. done Save of 12 or better, with M.E. bonuses only, or be stunned for 2D4 melees.), Punch, Palm Strike, & Elbow Lock.
Foot Attacks: Thunder Kick (See Thunder Fist), Kick, & Snap Kick.
Weapon Katas: The Equalizer Blade.
Modifiers to Attack: Pull Punch (For inflicting less than half damage.), K.O. Stun, & Critical Strike.
Fighting Form Powers: Aside from the Thunder Fist & Kicks, the Peacebringers also have a form of Kai-Jutsu, similar to the one found in the Ninjas & Superspies Book on pages 121 & 122, only the Shock, Stun, & Force Yell is known however.
Language: On Armistice it is taught in Akonian Brevel, but on RIFTS Earth or otherwise it could be taught in any known language.
Philosophical Training: Code of the Peacekeepers. (See Below)

Level Advancement Bonuses: 1st: +2 attacks, +3 to pull punch, and roll with punch, Entangle.
2nd: +2 to parry & dodge, & +2 to strike.
3rd: +1 additional attack.
4th: +1 additional level to the W.P. Equilizer Blade.
5th: +1 to parry & dodge.
6th: Critical Strike on natural 18, 19, or 20.
7th: +3 to roll with punch, +2 to pull punch.
8th: +1 additional attack, K.O. Stun on a natural 17, 18, 19, or 20.
9th: +1 to strike.
10th: +2 to leap attacks (+6' to leap)
11th: +1 additional attack.
12th: +1 to parry & dodge.
13th: +1 to leap attacks (+3' to leap)
14th: +1 additional attack, +1 to parry & dodge.
15th: K.O. Stun on a natural 15-20.

Code of the Peacebringers

The Peacebringers of Tykesi
Guardians of Armistice
For 20,000 years we have stood
Guardians of Armistice
We spread our ways throughout
To Free Our Neighbors From Fear, and From Evil.
From those who defile and destroy
What was built for the forces of good
We live now to imprison evil wherever possible
...and where we cannot, we shall destroy it.
We shall live our lives in honor, and with respect.
We shall be faithful to our cause, to our people, and to our lord Tykesi.
And to defend the weak, the innocent, and avenge the wronged..
...without showing weakness in moments of frustration and anger.

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