October 2003 to May 2005 Updates

4:18AM 10/29/03 - I have lots to report for those of you who are bothering to read all of this. Over the past month I've been working pretty steadily on an update for Wa-Daisho. This update would include ALL of the details of the Crops, Livestock, and Aquaculture of Wa-Daisho. Plus it would include a handful of extensive price lists that would define prices for all manner of products that may be found in the Republic of Wa-Daisho. These details have NOT been easy to compile, since it has required countless hours of in depth research on agriculture in the region today, learning more about commercial fishing than I -EVER- really wanted to know. This is the first stage in updating the cultural section on the page - even though this first section included updating an old page, and adding approximately 12 new pages of data - many of which were several pages long when printed out. I have also compiled extensive data on the way that people in Wa-Daisho eat, such as what their meals are composed of - given the common food products available to them, and the dominant influences of the original inhabitants of the island. I've also done my best to try to integrate traits from the cultures introduced during the mass congregation of settlers from the East - including some Elven cuisine. Clothing details are also coming along quite nicely - I've learned a lot about the uses of wool, learned about linens, and synthetic materials as well which should make that an interesting section. Whew. It's been exceedingly busy here. My work keeps me pretty busy nowadays, plus trying to keep up with our weekly game session as well keeps me on my toes. Almost every spare moment I have though, I'm working on this update. When this update along with the Underground Places of Interest are posted I will probably be taking a break from updating this page - for a while at least. I will be back, however, I just need to focus more on my family and some of my other hobbies for a while afterwards. Meanwhile, enjoy what you see here, and drop me a line if you like the work I've compiled.

3:44PM 10/29/03 - No work for me today, my voice is practically gone from this blasted cold. Ah well ... such is life. I figured I'd make the most of it, by compiling the Diet & Cuisine page for Wa-Daisho's culture. It can be accessed through the main Wa-Daisho page, under Culture & Lifestyles. I also corrected a couple of errors on the livestock and aquaculture price pages, and added a couple of glaring omittions. That's all for now...

11:47PM 11/1/03 - FINALLY! Wa-Daisho's Underground Places of Interest page has been updated beyond the gray background edition of this web site. That edition was a minor update in '98 & '99 to the version written back in '97. Now you can view Wa-Daisho's Underground Places of Interest in clickable format for each of the individual businesses and establishments, you can download a zip file with the full wdugplacesint.doc file, which you can print out or refer to offline, and then there is the much more brief summarized places of interest that may be downloaded or printed for quick reference. All that remains to be completed for Wa-Daisho is a handful of culture pages referring to clothing and other culture related issues, which has had some extensive efforts put into it already, the industry page, and the mining page - and Wa-Daisho will be complete up to 118PA! The updates that will include those subjects will not be introduced immediately. I feel that after these last two major updates I will be taking a sabatical for at least a couple of weeks while I attend more to my family and other hobbies. In the meantime enjoy the new developments in Wa-Daisho. I truly hope that these updates have helped to flesh out your' campaigns.

1:25AM 12/2/03 - Hello! Just a quick update today. I went on ahead and updated the RRVGG web page, so that it accurately reflected the campaigns today. The data on the two main campaigns was out dated, and several campaigns that had been on hold have been permanently shelved. Meanwhile two campaigns are getting ready for active gaming as the two main campaigns are coming to a close.

4:03PM 1/21/04 - First update of the year is completed! I have added Wa-Daisho's Mining page complete with lists of 6 major mining companies in the Republic, and ten major mines located throughout the Republic. In addition to that I have updated the RRVGG web site with the incredible news that the legendary Skies Over Tolkeen Campaign has finally come to an end, with the final flight over the stricken Kingdom. We're both happy and sad to see it go. Just going over the campaign details as I was cleaning out the binder was almost making me misty eyed with nostalgia! Five years and seven months ... all of which was well spent.

4:13PM 1/29/04 - I was looking over the pages describing some of S-Mart's major weapons types a few days ago and decided that these things look anemic and basic - something that doesn't belong in SirTenzan's RIFTS Gallery, considering the changes that have been made in recent years. Thus I created new images for the LPL-7, the HPL-7, and the HLP-4 - plus I added new data on there that would bring these out of the dark ages of being just tech BS to being something with a complete history and an illustrated display of several features. Note that this art and literature is just a tantalizing preview to the Wa-Daisho 125PA update that is still pending completion! Meanwhile in other news; While working on the three energy weapons above I created a brief history outlining the projects that Capos Industries and subsequently S-Mart undertook to create these weapons. I hope to adapt some of that to S-Mart when I effect a much longer ranging revamp of that material there. I have been doing some other cursory update material in regards to the government of Desert Star as well in my leisure time. Most Kingdoms in RIFTS do not really use much in the way of royals and nobles the way they functioned back 'in the day', but I hope to try to expand Desert Star to include some of this in the near future. Back in Wa-Daisho meanwhile, Wa-Daisho's Industry pages are still under construction. I hope to complete these before too much longer. It's difficult because I must cover such a wide variety of places. Smithe Corp is turning into another mega-corp type company, but with the distinction of lacking extremely high technology goods. No energy weapons, vibro-weapons, etc. Republican Industries will still remain pretty small for the most part, BUT they will grow by leaps and bounds in the seven years between the February 118PA mark and the Wa-Daisho 125PA update. Anyway, be on the look out for more changes in the following weeks. Without the responsibility of regularly GMing for the time being I should be able to find extra time for these sorts of updates.

3:36AM 3/16/04 - I managed to effect a small update on the web site today including a page for the Industry of Wa-Daisho, Electricity in Wa-Daisho, and Republican Industries. These pages do not have an insane amount of data, a page or two maximum, but enough to outline some very basic information that might be necessary for a campaign in the Republic. I have some cursory information assembled on Smithe Corp and plan to assemble that in the near future. All of the others will likely simply be referenced to the specific web sites that will deal with each of these communities these small industries are located in. This makes it easier and far less messy to have three paragraphs on this web page, and three on that one. Furthermore you will note that I am slowly phasing out my "mailto" links. Some of the newer web browsers no longer support this function any longer for one reason, and for two - I am tired of the spam!!! You will now find a contact page where my old mailto links were located. On this page you will find two addresses mentioned. Both of which will have a simple series of instructions laid out for you to figure out what my address is. Don't have time for such "games"? Then you don't want to mail me very bad, leave me a message on my guestbook then...

6:24AM 10/11/04 - It's been over half a year since I last updated the RIFTS site here, so I figure it's time that I dropped in and at least updated you all on what has been going on here. I worked steadily on the very first Red River Valley Gaming Group publication - RIFTS World Book A: Wa-Daisho up through about mid July but then I suffered from busy-itis from there on. (I became too busy to even make a serious effort at writing more...) Now, it's September though, the winter months are approaching, and my best time of the year for writing, model building, and snuggling up with a good book or a good movie are here. Thus I have returned to writing! In Wa-Daisho news!

  • Wa-Daisho has been broken up into TWO books! The first is RIFTS World Book A: Wa-Daisho, which presently sits at 160 pages and will likely grow to around 250 pages. The second is RIFTS Source Book A: Wa-Daisho's Military: The Red Devils which presently sits at 98 pages but stands to grow to about 160 pages.
  • Just completed are the rural regional descriptions complete with numerous new D-Bee animals and monsters and a complete breakdown of native creatures in those regions.
  • I will be soon adding NPCs of significance to Wa-Daisho including noteworthy council members, heads of Midnight Blue in Wa-Daisho, heads of the Blue Water Mages Guild, and villainous scum bent on exploiting, undermining, or bringing down the Republic.
  • I will be adding an in depth first look at Midnight Blue - the Black Market underworld organization in Wa-Daisho and with it I will be including new tables for quirks to "slightly used" second hand equipment purchased on the black market.
  • I will soon be adding the Blue Water Mages Guild description section along with a whole slew of new spells relating to the sea, agriculture, every day life, and a few surprises.
  • A series of tables of encounters in the wild, encounters in the city, and environmental tables will also be included in this book - adding to a GM's list of tools a whole plethora of adventure provoking possibilities.
  • For Source Book A I intend to add a whole new section involving training of military personel so that a player group may actually play their character through training, along with tables involving training operations, training mishaps, and operational training missions.
  • Sourcebook A will also contain a number of operational mission tables which may be the root of a thousand different adventures.

          Both books that, when completed, will represent more than eight years of development will have a very distinctive feel to each. World Book A basically gives the character group and the game master the feel for Wa-Daisho as an adventure location. It will include such details as specific places of interest for adventuring, significant legends of the island, rumors of treasure, magic, history, and danger all carefully crafted to promote adventuring. Character classes are mostly restricted to every day types that one would encounter in the civilian world that is Wa-Daisho - any one of which could become an adventurer. Sourcebook A will have a distinct heroic warrior feel to it. Wa-Daisho's soldiers have been tried in a couple of conflicts by the time these books come out - circa 120PA, and each time while bloodied they've come out on top. With trouble brewing on the horizon for Wa-Daisho itself to the immediate North and to Wa-Daisho's interests far in the south - it gives the characters and game master a feel that their efforts however miniscule may mean the difference between the Republic's success and failure to survive in this chaotic world.

          Remember - we of the RRVGG do NOT have an agreement with Palladium Books to market these books so please bear that in mind when reading these paragraphs - we are NOT selling these books. You will however be able to download it at your' leisure once the project is completed. Then you may print it out, or take it to your local print shop and have it printed and bound for yourself. If you put it in a 3 1/2" binder you could probably get it printed and bind it that way for about what you would pay for an official Palladium Books RIFTS book - be on the lookout!

    2:37AM 11/30/04 - The RRVGG web site has been updated to more accurately portray the campaigns presently being run with the group, the current members of the RRVGG, and the credentials of existing players/game masters. In the news for the Wa-Daisho book - inside of a month's time a total of 50 pages have been added to the Wa-Daisho World Book! Portions completed include several significant NPCs, the Blue Water Mage's Guild, and the spells section I mentioned in my previous update. The big surprise? Over 50 all new spells are included! Also completed are the details on Angel Peak, and a couple of major omissions that were missed in previous editings of the book - such as the immigration procedures, preferred method of capital punishment, and similar. New plans in the works for this book are to add a section for non-military grade civilian equipment - stuff often overlooked in many of Palladium's books. Plans for new books are popping up all the time as well. As where my next World Book planned was supposed to be Desert Star, I have been commissioned to complete a further world book prior to that project - this one, however, will have to remain a secret until such a time as it is complete. Suffice it to say, it's a REALLY exciting book, that can add some serious sparks to your' campaigns - I wish I could tell you more, but mums the word. I'll be publishing more details here as the project nears completion!

    8:16PM 4/8/05 - Well folks it's 2005, and this is my first "official" update on the status of SirTenzan's RIFTS Gallery. I've got to tell you though, the update has not been delayed by being idle. As a matter of fact HUGE sweeping changes are in the works for SirTenzan's RIFTS Gallery. The web-books aside, everything else is getting a face lift, new text, new material, the works! The power armor creation table, one of the favorite attractions of the site throughout the '90s, has now been completely reworked. There are illustrations now, tons of new power armor systems, new elaborations on old systems, and so much more. I've also gone through all of the old power armor, and have reworked EVERYTHING. If any of you sharp eyed folks out there have gone through the power armor creation process and tried to emulate the power armor I've added, based on the suits described in Cyberpunk 2020's now defunct sourcebook Maximum Metal, you I'm sure have noticed that nothing adds up. Well - that's changed. I've also written up the stats to the S-Mart SAMAS, which is only slightly different from the USA SAMAS found in the pages of RIFTS World Book 15: Spirit West. Palladium's web policy prevents me from reposting the details of this piece of equipment, except to describe the differences. For the rest of the material - I'm afraid you'll need that book. In my rewrite of a lot of these older sections, you'll also note that I've added a lot more "see details on pg....", in my haste of writing this stuff in the past, I foolishly wrote the details down rather than do this. I apologize to Palladium Books for this oversight - it has now been repaired. Also added is the S-Mart 49er, a suit of mining power armor. New illustrations have been added to a number of different S-Mart creations, and there are more yet to come, either scanned from references on hand, or done the old fashioned way on Windows Paint. If they look boxy or unrealistic to you - well, you'll understand why. I'm an author - not an artist. ;o) At least though, with this work, you'll get an idea of what something looks like. I still have some preliminary work to do before I post these massive updates, but once it's ready I am going to begin with the long task of updating everything here. Meanwhile, take a look around at what is here now, and if something is there you don't like, or think needs fixing - drop me a line! I'll take a look at it, and if it's not fixed yet, it will be. One more thing that I've been considering is relocating SirTenzan's RIFTS Gallery to another site, since Tripod chooses to bombard their non-paying member sights with pop up ads and page top ads. It never used to be this way, I assure you - it used to be a simple ad at the bottom of every page, I miss those days, as do the viewers of this site. In any case, more updates of the site are to follow! Thanks, and enjoy!

    6:40PM 4/11/05 - Possibly some bad news for SirTenzan's RIFTS Gallery. A great deal of the materials produced for S-Mart are based entirely upon Cyberpunk 2020 materials, that until just a couple of hours ago, I believed were long out of production. As it turns out that material, specifically material from the sourcebook Maximum Metal, is still in production. Though I have included a blurb where ever I used these images, indicating where they came from, it may still have not been enough. I have contacted R. Talsorian Games in reference to this subject, in the hopes that this does not mean that I will have to remove these entirely, but they may very well reply that I must. That is their right - they paid for these artists interpretations, I did not. If this turns out to be the case, I may just shut down the Gallery entirely. So much of my material, including the Kingdom of Desert Star, and the Republic of Wa-Daisho, was built and sustained by the use of these materials in our game. The only other option is the use of my meager artistry skills to create new images of these vehicles, sufficiently altered to fit those in our game. As those of you who are familiar with this book and this web site may know, aside from the visage of the vehicles and power armor being similar, there is little they have in common. Nowhere in the pages of that book are things mentioned such as Project Archive, S-Mart, pretty much any of the weapons, few of the systems, or even most of the names I have used for these vehicles. Heavy machine guns and cannons became rail guns or rapid fire field cannons, submachine guns became ramjet machine cannons, and beam weapons are far more common in S-Mart than in Cyberpunk 2020. One could hardly even consider them the same - but the fact of the matter remains that they ARE based on these designs. I will keep you all informed as the situation develops. I suppose this is a poor time to mention, but over the course of the past few days, I have developed a power armor creation table for Northern Gun, as well as a new power armor design for S-Mart called the Hercules, essentially a heavy lift type, electrically powered, that operates as a two legged forklift.

    6:51AM 5/10/05 - Well ladies and gents, the last update wasn't very cheery, thankfully this one is much better. As it turned out R. Talsorian Game's policies revolved around text matter, not the art, for some strange reason. I never received an indication of what to do about the art - so I have to assume that all is well, so long as I include disclaimers of where the art was taken from. Thus, all is well with SirTenzan's RIFTS Gallery! I have been doing a LOT of work editing and reworking a lot of material for S-Mart as of late. Most significantly was a complete revision of the custom power armor creation rules. This stuff is EXCELLENT and includes several dimensions of power armor creation not even touched on in the first version. I warn you though, there's a lot more math work to be done on this version, I hope that doesn't frighten you! Word of advice - have a calculator handy. In the process of working on that I came to a very sad conclusion about Palladium Book's own power armor and robot vehicles. Sorry to say it, chummeroos, but they pull a lot of numbers out of their' collective posteriors. Take for example the RIFTS World Book 11: Coalition War Campaign. Look at the Hellfire and look at the Glitterboy Killer. You see that those things are separated only by weapons, a minor difference in width, a difference of 5 P.S., a modest difference of 40 M.D.C. - now look at those two suit's weight. The Glitterboy killer weighs in at 2 tons - yet the Hellfire comes in at 25 tons?! In the words of the internet, WTF?! These new rules I have compiled for power armor creation, can actually extend to robot vehicle creation, but I have not decided as to whether or not to make that stretch yet. Robot vehicles and power armor have a sort of 'cusp' difference between the two, once suits get to 10' in height or so. Working off of the new formulae for height/weight ratios, I can concoct reasonably realistic robot vehicles with a more realistic weight than those listed in the RIFTS Books. The real drawback though, is coming up with the heavier systems, and heavier weapon systems that would be available to these robot vehicles. I don't know if I'm willing to go through all of that - especially since this round of updates was intended just to fix an E-mail link at the bottom of each page, and to straighten out some old crusty pages from back in '96-'97. After all I've got a family, a job, and a book to write to worry about as well! Time will tell what I decide to do. If ya'll read this, send me some feedback on what I should do, would you like to see robot vehicle creation rules from S-Mart? Just so you know, those new rules revisions are NOT on the page just yet. I want to complete the whole lot before I start posting anything.

    5:17AM 5/16/05 - Bonsai! Er ... I mean Banzai ... yeah ... that's it. A month of work has passed by, and the update is FINALLY completed! Let me tell you, this has been some extremely trying work. Have you ever written something before, and gone back to look at it - oh - eight or nine years later, and said; "Man, this really stinks!" Well let me tell you, I've been saying that a LOT over the past month. As a result you will find that a great deal of SirTenzan's RIFTS Gallery material has been heavily rewritten and reworked in many ways. You will observe that NONE of the Wa-Daisho vehicles, weapons, armor, or anything is even recognizable when compared to their' previous incarnations. There's just no way to compare them - they are VASTLY improved, in terms of graphics, in terms of stat consistency, and story line. I've added a couple of new character descriptions to the list of files available, including the enigmatic assassin known only as Silk, I updated Ace Ripley, and did I happen to mention reworked or fabricated entirely new graphics for dozens of pages?! This is the biggest update SirTenzan's RIFTS Gallery has seen since September of 1999, and although time consuming, I'm glad to see it completed. Completed? Did I say that, hardly. This site is nowhere near being completely finished though - let me tell you why. Wa-Daisho World Book A is creeping along towards completion, and when it's done, it's going to be a monster of an adventuring guide to the Pacific North West. Characters will be able to spend weeks there and never get bored - because there's lots to do, lots to see, and lots to buy - not to mention lots of heroic stuff that needs to be done too. When the book is completed Wa-Daisho will be torn down and reworked entirely, using the data straight out of the completed book, but in addition to that, I will include a downloadable zip file containing the completed book. What's more, is that this update series has also peaked my interest in reworking Desert Star as well. While that's still a ways into the future - it will be done. With all of the work that I've done recently on it, the S-Mart Sourcebook will be a breeze to slap together. The N.O.M.A.D. Military Sourcebook will also be relatively easy. Desert Star? Well, that'll need a LOT of work, especially since the political intrigue between the wealthy new noble class will play a HUGE and complicated role in things. If you like in depth role play, with that sort of theme, you'll love that book. You'll even get quite a taste of that in Wa-Daisho, I must add. Well, that's enough for now. Enjoy the update, and send me an E-mail telling me what you think about what I've done with the page. As always if you find broken links or pictures that don't work, let me know, and I'll get right on fixing it.

    6:12PM 5/18/05 - It took me a bit longer to get the page put together than I expected. After I wrote the last entry here on the updates page, I suffered a major bout with food poisoning, sorry for the delay, but I was sicker than a dog! After my recovery, and a subsequent (un)healthy dose of pepto, I started working on getting the pages uploaded to Tripod. It took me forever to get it all sorted out, fix the few glitches I encountered, and page through the web site to make certain everything was in it's proper place. It all looks good to me! I'm taking a break from writing for a little while, as it seems time to get a new line of work, but I'm going to try to scan in a few more gif files to illustrate some of S-Marts wares in the coming weeks. Thanks for looking, and drop me a line! E-mail feedback is always appreciated!

    6:16PM 5/19/05 - Okay, so much for not writing anymore. I was bored this evening, and so I decided to go ahead and put up the details on the Dragonguard O.C.C.. I've had these details hand written for almost two years now, and figured, "Ya know, that might be handy for folks to have!" Anyway, so there it is for you. Check out the O.C.C.'s & R.C.C.'s page, and you'll find it listed under Desert Star. You can also find it linked to the N.O.M.A.D. Military page.

    6:01PM 5/25/05 - It never rains, but it pours - as they say. I no sooner get over the stomach flu but then I get the spring cold - go figure. Anyway, between the fevers, I've been doing a bit of writing here and there. Most recently I completed the description of Shiunren, a small town on Vancouver Island, north of Silverstone. It's an interesting place with views on magic that clash strongly with the principles of the Republic, but for a very interesting and real world sort of reason. Don't go looking for the details just yet though, these are going in the book. When the book is completed - then I'll add the updates here. This update included some late alterations to Angel Peak, mostly in the form of metric conversions for the dimensions of structures, and the same for Avery. The mapping for Wa-Daisho's communities is coming along nicely as well. Angel Peak's map is very near completion, and about half of Wa-Daisho City is also completed.

    3:33AM 5/26/05 - I have completed the Angel Peak Map, and find it to be one of the most detailed and precise city maps yet rendered for any town in the RIFTS role playing game. When I'm finished with the other maps though - just wait and see, you're going to love what I've been cooking up. On a more somber note, today is May 26th, 2005. A seemingly insignificant date for anyone else - but a sinister date for myself. Ten years ago, to the very day, something horrible happened to me. I was abandoned by my first true love, Dafni Eileen Willis, without explaination, without pause, and without any means of either learning the reasons why or to achieve reproval for what mystery crime I committed against her to force her to leave in such a fashion. This date I have dreaded for years - now it is upon me once again. What's more a decade now has passed since I last laid eyes upon her. My life, as I knew it then, ended on that date, you see. The family we had planned in unison, the children we had discussed, the marriage, the cohabitation plans, the draftsman career I had so looked forward to, everything - crumbled in one fell swoop. It was like death - only worse. With death it is great pain followed by peaceful serenity. With this, my body lived, even while my heart died. I came close to ending the pain - but only one thought stalled my hand from action. "What if Dafni found out?" No matter the pain inflicted upon me - I couldn't bring myself to do that to her. I lost a month and a half of my life due to post traumatic stress induced amnesia, and after that started to crack apart at the seams around my cheerless Christmas to follow. I literally started to see her in the hallways of the high school we attended together, but when I would give pursuit, she would round a corner and be gone. Sometimes the air was so laden with her scent my eyes would fill with tears. I wholeheartedly dreaded entering the basement of the school we once spent so much time together within. It seemed eternally doused in her scent - and with a feeling of anguish and scorn, as though whatever crime I had committed upon her, was known to the very walls of the basement. Fearing institutionalization, I left high school once and for all shortly after the New Year of '96. Ten years of painful speculation have passed by since, and though I attained contact with her once only a few years ago, however briefly, she still refused to explain anything. I have moved on in life. My heart was gradually resurrected by Angelina, my wife of eight years now, but it was slow and rough going. I had serious trust issues that were difficult to surmount, I regularly dreamed of Dafni, and had regular bouts of self-hatred for whatever unspeakable thing I committed to force her to leave. These problems I described were never more apparent than on this date - every year. Like the wound inflicted upon Frodo on Weathertop, this injury will continue to assail me annually. I expect it will always be this way until somehow I attain the explaination I crave so, or death finally claims the body that survived the death of it's heart and soul. Ole Karkov is calling my name - I'll be back. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually I will.

    4:27PM 5/27/05 - Okay, the icky day is done, and there is no more time to dwell in the past. I dealt with it through a fine vodka buzz, a good night's sleep, and an equally good vodka hangover. Now then - let's get back to business. As I was preparing to add this update, I noticed something very peculiar. There were 560 page views just yesterday! What the?! Well, whoever or whatever it was, I hope you folks enjoyed it! Another few days like that, and there goes my bandwith! ;o) Anyway, as for the update here. This afternoon I completed the initial description of Silverstone, including it's history, which is intertwined with a tragic history of it's founder Benjamin Silverstone. The history of this fellow is a little on the graphic side, so I warn you younger readers, but it's a heartwrenching one of tragedy, love, and ultimately dedication that comes to a close with a good ending. Afterwards I listed out the places of interest in my typical format, I just need to flesh these out now. All told there are 20+ places of interest thus far. There may be more yet still that I have omitted, but I'm sure I'll catch these as I continue through it. Doing all of this work on the other communities only reveals to me more that I NEED to attend to rewriting the Wa-Daisho City places of interest. There were too many omissions in that section of the book. There are places like Wa-Daisho City Police Precincts to add, fire stations, importer offices along the coast, immigration offices, and a bunch of stuff on the fringes of the city. When it's finished I will be rearranging the order of how the businesses are layed out to correspond with the new district maps.

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