October 2001 to January 2003 Updates

2:07PM 10/27/01 - New updates today, not a lot, but a little something. I've been working off and on, on the Wa-Daisho City Places of Interest. It's slow going, and meticulous, but it's for a good cause. ;o) The information contained within is highly detailed, involves specifics about the business, the owner, and their all important reputation. So far I've got 41 of them finished, and another 16 or so to go. Further notes regarding Wa-Daisho's construction. I have completed the mapping of Nobunaga Palace. Previously I had the entire main keep mapped, but now all of the buildings are mapped out on graph paper according to scale. The old map I had, was sorely out of scale, so this is a vast improvement.

6:04AM 2/14/02 - Here's the first update in several months to the web page. I included two updates really. I updated the information on the Red River Valley Gaming Group Web Page, and also removed the rather offensive comment made regarding the September 11th Attacks. Although I am still fiercely American, and very proud of what my countrymen are doing both at home and abroad - I don't feel that chest thumping here, and screaming obscenities at our hated foes - especially on this web site, would do any good. If anything it would offend more conservative gamers, than it would inspire a feeling of comaraderie. In any case, let it be said here and now that I do NOT support what al Qaida did to the United States, and I feel that Operation Enduring Freedom is our best hope for freedom from terror. Although I did not vote for Bush, I think he's doing a really good job given the present situation. Anyway, enough about that. Back to the page! I am hoping on conducting some more updates in the next few weeks. I want to complete the places of interest for Wa-Daisho I started a while back, and start working on the compilation work, which is essentially a world book ready for printing with watered down although complete details on what is found here. Among other details I'd like to add are a handful of new spells developed by Captain Sir George Franklin of the Royal Tolkeen Air Force, in response to requests from Major Sir Adolf Galland, of the same. I also have some CS technology to add including the DHEWA, the secret weapon of June 119PA, known by the mysterious acronym D.H.E.W.A., that so paralyzed the portions of Tolkeen, East of the St. Croix, making the entire collapse of the Eastern border such a cataclysmic success, and war time advances made to the CS Nightwings, as well as their Naval dirivative counterparts the Shrikes and Sea Strikers, and the post war successor to the CS Nightwing after the fall of Tolkeen, the NA-16 Nighthawk, built using lessons learned during the Skies Over Tolkeen campaign! I still would like to add details for the Skies Over Tolkeen Campaign, optional air combat rules, and lessons in building a war time campaign - be it pilot or ground pounder related.

5:10AM 2/16/02 - It seems like a lifetime ago that I started rewriting the Wa-Daisho Places of Interest. Finally, this morning - I have completed them!! They are now available in individual page format for easy viewing. Say there is one business in particular you want to look at, you go to it, click it, and there it is! Bingo! Okay, not one of those guys that's into a lot of detail? I have a single page format that is in a summarized format, but accurate none the less - and in single page format perfect for printing. You just miss out on some of the in depth details about specific places. You like the detail, and want to print it out for your' campaign though? Perfect, I have it all put together in a single doc file, that can be downloaded and printed, which should amount to anywhere from 32-40 pages of information!! You want a vivid campaign, in Wa-Daisho, that page has it all - save for the underground city. I am still working on that. I may want to detail the general details about the city a little bit more by talking a bit about the street lights, traffic signals, mail boxes, and similar. Just little things like that, that give a place more of a personality to them. The underground city details are also underway. I have a summarized version written out in long hand here, but I need to work up the kind of details I have for the Above ground businesses. Rest assured, soon enough, I will!! Just ... not tonight ... er ... this morning. Oie ... I need sleep. ;o)

1:14AM 5/9/02 - Okay! Finally made an update to the web site! Sorry for the delay. I have added the newest segment to SirTenzan's RIFTS Gallery - and that is the RRVGG House Rules! All rules that we've developed for our game. Check 'em out if you're interested in optional rules!

6:32PM 7/30/02 - Another small update to the web site, this time it's actually a fairly large update on the Red River Valley Gaming Group's web page. I added in our updated campaigns, recent news for the game group, and similar. Again, if you are interested in gaming with us, don't hesitate to contact us!! Meanwhile plans for the future of the web page; I still need to put together the RRVGG Gods & Goddesses web site, but that'll be done eventually it's on a back burner with Wa-Daisho still in the middle of it's rewrite. I've been struggling to get my hard copy of Wa-Daisho updated to the point of the web site, meaning that I'd have all of the data in my notebooks as I have on here. Unfortunately, thus far - it's a work in progress. I'm still working on copying the Places of Interest, word for word, in long hand - since my printer doesn't work. I HAVE been working on some futuristic ideas for the Alliance, and Wa-Daisho more specifically, but nothing terribly important - not important enough to post here ... yet.

2:17AM 8/6/02 - The last several days I've been working on Wa-Daisho's Places of Interest, for my personal hard copy. While working, I noticed just how old the old map of Wa-Daisho is!! I originally drew the base portion of it, the southern portions that is, back in '95! Here it is seven years later, and I'm still working on the bloody place. (In reality the thing is pretty much finished, just needs to be compiled together...) Anyway, I figured - that now that I'm older, I could do better. Better is an understatement compared to what it was like before, it's 200% better! Anyway, I've scanned it up, and have added it to the main Wa-Daisho page. Meanwhile, as outdated as it is, and as crumby of a map as it was to begin with, I have deleted the 110PA map from Tripod as well. I MAY some day add a new map of Wa-Daisho at that stage, so that players can play at the beginning stages of Wa-Daisho. That's all in the future though. Enjoy the new map! Hopefully it will improve game play a bit to actually have it look like a city! :oD

7:57AM 8/14/02 - The other day my friend Shane Hanson, whom I met online as a fellow gamer, contemporary game accessory designer, and a fellow Minnesotan I might add, sent me a picture of his Indochinese Republic's hover tank - and I realized, rather quickly, that I didn't have a picture of Wa-Daisho's hover tank I could send to him. In reality, I only loosely had a mental image of what it might look like. I knew it was based on the UWW's Greataxe, but I didn't know just how different it would look with the native design changes that would be necessary for it to be produced on Earth. Thus I took up the task of drawing out first the Greataxe in a profile side view - to get an idea of what it looks like from that angle. It is an interesting machine, to say the least. I saved that image, then colored it in the markings Wa-Daisho would have put it in, during it's evaluation phase. Then I colored a second one, this time in Crab Apple Cove Markings! (River Pirate town in Wyoming.) Once I got through with that fun, I started in the task of modifying the uncolored image, modifying the hull in ALL places essentially, only the general outline remaining the same, and then completely removed the two cannon turret and replaced it with one smaller than, but similar in design to the one found on the S-Mart Harveys Wa-Daisho used to use as it's primary heavy armor. Once it was all finished, I painted it in Wa-Daisho's military markings, customized it a bit with the Major's insignia for identification, Wa-Daisho national insignia, and then finally I added a slogan to the cannon barrel - just a little fun! The Masakari turned out wonderfully, and I am excited to put it on the web site.

12:28AM 8/15/02 - After contacting Harmony Gold about the use of an image from Palladium Books' now out of production, Robotech RPG Book Two: RDF Manual, it was requested of me to add copyright data at the bottom of the page to make it legit. They had no objection with it being placed there, provided that I added that. Thus, at Steve Yun's request, I have edited the Author's note at the bottom of the Dalmir Class Carrier page, to include copyright info regarding Harmony Gold. Also, last Saturday (8/10), SirTenzan's RIFTS Gallery was added to the RPG Gateway, and was put into the running for a "prestigious" award at their listing site. Unfortunately, after a brief inquiry, I soon discovered that SirTenzan's RIFTS Gallery is out of the running automatically according to their criteria. Any site that has pop up ads, is automatically disqualified. Plug ins, or embedded ads? Same thing. They justify this by stating that there are too many other web providers out there who provide web space, who do not automatically have pop up ads. Although I agree with that comment - I've had accounts at both Geocities and at Angelfire, and have lost access to both pages some way or another, and thus I still swear by Tripod 100%. It's a shame that I'm out of the running - despite all the work I put into the site, but Tripod is the place for me. In my book convenience does not rate as high as reliability.

4:56PM 10/16/02 - I haven't done a tremendous amount to the web page in a couple of months. I've been far too occupied running two separate campaigns that both require far more paperwork than I would like. That combined with a work schedule, household chores, family time, AND my hobby of model building - well, as you can well imagine, since I enjoy sleeping now and then, my time flies pretty quickly. Anyway, today I added a new link to my links page, replacing the failed Megaversal Exchange's link. This new site is similar to the Megaversal Exchange in that it catalogs RIFTS creations from other web sites across the 'net. Unlike the Megaversal Exchange however, it also indexes various RIFTS creations in the books, making navigation through the books a tad easier. Call it a Mega-Sourcebook online.

4:16AM 10/18/02 - Well it's been a while since I've updated the web site. Today made up for some of my lack of activity, however. I began work at about 10 AM this morning, and have worked straight through, save for enough time to eat dinner and watch Hart's War. I have updated SEVERAL different aspects of my web page, including the S-Mart Munitions Page, ALL of S-Mart's Aircraft (All except the Cicada, I'll catch that one in the next round.), altering them so that they are not always reprinting the same data on missiles or missile pods under different aircraft. Instead now, a singular pod weapons page lists these, along with applicable prices. I also updated the primary weapon systems of the Atlas, Maxwell, and Stonewall as new information has come to light. Along the way I also updated the format of all of these pages, as several of them didn't even have the BASIC format I've been using for over two years now. Next on the agenda? Dunno - the Cicada likely. I need to also address radar/radio ranges of just about everything listed on my pages.

3:28AM 10/19/02 - Wow, another update, I'm on a role! Don't get used to it though... :op Anyway, I updated the S-Mart Cicada as I mentioned, revised a lot of the $@$% that was found there previously. Now it's in a nice clean, book-like format. During my revision, I noticed that I've forgotten to add entries to ALL of S-Marts aircraft regarding ejection seats. As such I added those entries to all of S-Mart's aircraft. I also corrected a couple of spelling errors and a few missed spaces along the way. Yes, I know they're still terrible. I'm doing what I can, when I can though... Now, what is next? Probably those radar/radio ranges I mentioned, among other things for adding some systems to those birds. Meanwhile I also still have the Wa-Daisho Underground City Places of Interest sitting on a back burner. A couple of levels are completed and ready to be listed, but I like to have it all finished and ready when I add it to the web page. Nothing is worth doing, unless you can do it right the first time, after all. Gee - wish I had that pearl of wisdom when I first started this page. Okay, scratch that, if that were the case, this page wouldn't be here. Okay, I'm rambling, I'm overly tired. Time to hit the racks...

6:12PM 1/24/03 - Last night I discovered that my proud Wa-Daisho places of interest did not work!! Ack! You could view it through the ordinary page by page view of the businesses, but when you download the document - it came up as jibberish, PLUS you couldn't download the summarized places of interest for printing!! Frustrated as could be, I decided to zip the original document THEN put it on the web site for the downloadable version. That worked wonderfully, so that's up and functioning. Afterwards I figured out the problem with the summarized places of interest - I had misspelled the link, and called it sumwdplacesint.html instead of wdsumplacesint.html! Duh... Anyway, so it's been fixed. IN other news, Wa-Daisho's Underground Places of Interest are COMPLETE and ready to be posted. I need to divide up the master document onto the separate page by page views, BUT that's all I need to do prior to posting it. The Underground Places of Interest will have ALL of the same features as the standard Places of Interest, three types of formats, etc. That should be done within the next week - if all goes well.

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