The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

Power Rating: **
Level of Experience: 1-5
Campaign Members: 2-6
Requirements: The characters must feel some compulsion to help others in need. And that's about it!
Avg Campaign Length: One or Two 4 hour Gaming Sessions.

Hook: The characters accidently stumble upon a cult like gathering, where several nude women are about to be sacrificed. After the characters take action they will learn that at least one of the women have been captured by this same cult before and rescued before. Their cult seems to worship the moon, their goddess, or Luna as they call her. Every time their is a lunar eclips they must sacrifice at least seven women or they believe that the moon will not reveal itself again!
Line: The cult has spread to almost the entire area of Wisconsin, and must be stoped! In the uneducated world of Rifts this type of a cult could spread like Wild fire!
Sinker: If the characters listen to this woman she will lead them on a wild goose chase that will come up fruitless. She is actually part of this cult and feels that it is her duty as a member of the Cult of Luna to be sacrificed when her (Luna's) face is covered! In the meantime she will lead these boobs on a wild goose chase!