S-Mart MML-3A Mini-Missile Launcher

      This is a man portable eight slot mini-missile launcher, designed to collapse down to a compact and convenient size for carrying. It is fired in the traditional infantry missile style fashion. Unlike the S-Mart MML-3 Mini-Missile Launcher available for custom power armor usage, which is configured like a conventional rifle, the handle and optic adaptation slot are mounted towards the front of the weapon to allow the bulk of the 'rifle' to rest on the shoulder of the weapon's bearer. The armor protection of the man portable MML-3A is also lighter and therefore provides less protection at only 25 M.D.C. The reloading process is time consuming - takes three melees for one man to accomplish. Working as a team one man holds the rifle, while two more reload it. Using this process the time can be cut down to a single melee.

Weight: 45 Lb. plus 8 Lb. for the mini-missiles.
Mega-Damage: Varies with missile type.
Rate of Fire: Can fire missiles individually or in volleys of 2, 4, or 8.
Maximum Effective Range: Varies with missile type.
Payload: 8 mini-missiles.
Market Cost: 50,000 credits, plus the cost of the mini-missiles - which maybe found on the S-Mart Munitions page.

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