Mass Transit Bus Garage

Owner: Government owned & operated.
Reputation: Typical of city mass transit services, they are seldom appreciated to the degree that they deserve. The populace of Wa-Daisho always seems to complain about the mass transit in the city.
Description of Establishment: A 160'x160' two story section of level 4, with a very small white painted face with a red stripe at the top of the face, only big enough for two large sized garage doors and an ordinary entrance to the right side. Inside the normal entrance is a small bus station where commuters may go to board their bus before it begins it's route, or before it departs to it's destination. Inside of the remainder of the structure is a gargantuan garage for maintaining and storing the busses of Wa-Daisho City.
Description of Services: Keeps the busses running! Bus routes go all over the city, bussing students and workers where they need to go, transports passengers to the sea plane port south west of the city, the public access at the south end of the city, and to both bays to board ocean going vessels. Busses also run routes to places outside of the city, but a pair of power armor equipped troops, or an armored car or two typically escorts these. This is especially true of those that go to Silverstone or to the Republican Industries plant found outside of the city. It requires one credit to ride the busses inside of the city, and 5 credits to ride on a bus that goes to Silverstone or to the Republican Industries plant.

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