Mack's Burgers

Owner: An elderly gentleman named Wesley Sorrest established this restaurant after moving out west to avoid CS persecution. Originally Mr. Sorrest owned a burger joint in the Chi-Town 'burbs before it was bulldozed by Chi-Town because he was serving D-Bees or at least that's how his story goes. Back in the day Wesley didn't just own a burger joint, he ran a lot more out of his shop. The reality of it all was that Wesley was a Black Marketeer. He wasn't a very good one however, because he always was in trouble with authorities for trying to sell to them, to one of their stooges, or for trying to eek out of giving corrupt cops their cut of his sales. One day he found out that a couple of high rollers from down south were in town looking for some goods. He thought that given that these folks were out of Ft. Reid that the CS Military might like to have a chance to "talk" to them. That would mean he could get their cash for getting them the weapons they were looking for, THEN he could get cash out of the CS Military by selling them out. His plan flopped, the Rangers fought their way through the trap laid for them by the CS Military - and as a result of that the CS rewarded his tip by bulldozing his shop and placing a bounty on his head. It is ironic that sixteen years later, Wesley would find himself running an honest business in a subterranean city under a fortress that one of the Rangers, he attempted to sell out, lives within.
Reputation: Mack's Burgers is a popular establishment especially among teens who use it as an out of school lounge. Wesley doesn't really care if they loiter, as long as they buy stuff and don't scare away his other customers. The prices are also relatively fair and the food is at least marginally palatable.
Description of Establishment: An 80'x160' two story section of level 4, with a red brick exterior, and a large neon sign reading the name of the establishment in italics, along with the neon likeness of this establishments specialty - a burger. The main entrance, located on a Southerly facing "lip" is composed of a double glass door, but to either side of it, stretching around to the East face of the shop, is lined with a solid panel of glass windows on the main floor. On the upper floor there are no windows at all. There are a handful of tills that take orders in this establishment, and orders are promised delivered within 5 minutes. At the East wall is a drive up window where time deprived customers may drive up to, to make and pick up orders. The second floor of this establishment composes a main office and large storage rooms complete with a refrigerated section. Wesley does occasionally store "questionable" goods on this second floor for his Black Marketeer friends.
Description of Services: Mack's is a fast food establishment that provides food at a moment's notice for not too high a price that is at least moderately tasty. Mack's specialty is the "Big Mack" oddly enough, although Wesley has absolutely NO inkling that this name echoes loudly of a famous pre-cataclysm restaurants specialty! It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to cater to all of Level 5's crews. Mack's does also carry salads, soups, and stews - usually of more traditional Wa-Daisho cuisine types. He also serves some hybrid cuisine in the form of a variety of different fish sandwiches, or fried seafood/shellfish.

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